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Let's bop on down Memory Lane again, as "The Swinging Sixties" are RE-BORN!

 Yep - it was a LOT longer than nine months - more like nine years - that I began this Blast from Your Past! series. And certainly a long and tortuously winding road to publishing Book 2. But it's finally arrived! Announcing:
Blast from Your Past! Book 2 - Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties

More than 30 DJs and 2 bands reveal what it was really like seeking fame and fortune in the 1960s! Dedicated to the infamous Wolfman Jack - learn about his early days and how his howwwlll got started.

The eBook edition is available now. But I need some reviews and comments to include in the print version before it's published. So enjoy it on your tablet, post an Amazon review or congratulate me personally, and your comments may wind up in the book!
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It's time to ramp up the Rock and give you some sneak peeks at the upcoming BFYP Book 2 ~ Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties 1960-1969!

Preview 1: Tom and Raechel Donahue / FM radio comes alive ...

(December 2016)
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It's true ... Rock and Roll Rescued Radio™ in the mid-1950s. Blast from Your Past - Rock & Roll Radio DJs: the First Five Years 1954-1959 is Book 1 in a series tribute to the history and humor of rockin' radio DJs.

Were you there? Reminisce! Sure you can grab it conveniently in eBook or print format at Amazon or pick up your SIGNED print book, here (or below) - $13.95 w/FREE PDF copy!

But first, learn more about the book and the Blast from Your Past series through its history and scroll below for a Book 1 Table of Contents, with a few excerpts linked for your reading pleasure.

We are all the sum of our experiences and ancestors ... remember as you tackle your daily tasks to enjoy the past as much as the present. Our motto at BFYP: Enjoy the Moment ... Again!

I guarantee you'll recognize at least a few of the early Rock Radio DJs who spun the platters and influenced our listening pleasure in the dawn of Rock & Roll, 1954 ~ 1959.

Like the happy guy on your right, Dr. Don Rose - infamous at KOIL/Omaha (late '50s), WFIL/Philadelphia ('60s-'70s), KFRC/San Francisco ('70s), and other Rockin' stations of yesteryear!

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Check out the links on DJs' names in the Book 1 TOC below! Full DJ excerpts from the book - enjoy! Coming soon - TOC for Book 2 - (working title) BFYP Rock & Roll Radio DJs: the Sexy Sixties! 1960-1969. (Yep, Book 3 [of trilogy] is "... the Psychedelic Seventies"!) 

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Book 1 (First Five Years 1954-1959) in the Blast from Your Past series ...
Trippin’ Through the Years
Foreword: Lonnie Napier/Wolfman Jack VP
Special Introduction: Bill Gardner/DJ Extraordinaire
Idiosyncrasies & Idiocies (Preface)
The Wonder Years of Rock & Roll Radio
        Rock’s First Half-Decade         
             Rock & What?! 1954~1959

            Best known, WLS/Chicago, Illinois
Ken Chase (aka Mike Korgan)
   Best known, KISN/Portland, Oregon
Forrest “Frosty” Mitchell
   Best known, KIOA/Des Moines, Iowa
Kent Burkhart
   Best known, KOWH/Omaha, Nebraska
Bill Bailey
   Best known, WAKY/Louisville, Kentucky
Bob Doll
   Best known, WCPO/Cincinnati, Ohio
Burt Sherwood
   Best known, WMCA/New York City
Norm Prescott
   Best known, WBZ/Boston, Massachusetts
   Best known, KFRC/San Francisco, California
Cousin Bruce Morrow
            Best known, WABC/New York City
Jack Vincent
   Best known, KCBQ/San Diego, California
Jim Stagg (aka Johnny Gray)
   Best known, WCFL/Chicago, Illinois
Terrell Metheny (aka Mitch Michael)
   Best known, WOKY/Milwaukee, Wisconsin
William F. Williams
   Best known, KMEN/San Bernardino; KPPC Los Angeles, California
   Best known for sexy song, “Come a Little Bit Closer” 

Wolfman Jack, You Da Man!
   The Early Adventures of Wolfman Jack (Robert Weston Smith)

Conclusion ~ it Ain’t!
Acknowledgements ~ Save the last dance for me …
Glossary ~ What does that mean?!
Remember When ~ Memory Test!
Rockin’ Rochelle ~ Author Bio

Signed Copies (incl.s/h)