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Rock Radio JUNE 1971 Here to Stay

When June’s Here to Stay♪*  

How do you know or recall 1971? As never a dull moment? A musical year like no other? You’re not alone. British author and journalist, David Hepworth remembers all that and more in his Apple TV docuseries, 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything.

“It was an incredibly tumultuous year, politically, socially, musically … the peace and flowers and love-thing, was over … ” Inspired by his book, 1971 – Never a Dull Moment: Rock’s Golden Year, we can pretty much agree and disagree with his assessment. Your choice. 

06/12/21 BFYP Update: Annnnnd, if you wonder how relevant this article is (being about old Rock and all), since posting it, 1971 has been the cover story in Parade magazine (“The Songs of 1971” by Jim Farber, 06/06/21); and AccuRadio is currently featuring the popular Fillmore venues (San Francisco and New York City) that closed this month (and July), 50 Years Ago. **See below

Let’s see what angst, surprises, music, and fun, we can remember from JUNE 1971, 50 Years Ago this Month

Rockin’ News & Views ~ Then & Now 
Memories and moments make the year. JUNE 1971’s music on the radio was hotThen I love you with hot passions like the summer sun | When June’s here to stay … (*“I Love You For All Seasons,” The Fuzz, on the charts this month.)

Then … Not quite ready to leave the nostalgic Fifties and Sixties era, Elvis Presley's birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi, opened to the public on June 1, 1971. The two-room shack still pulls on fans’ heartstrings in a popular tourist attraction, complete with museum and statues with photo-op spots. Hunk-a-hunk o’ burnin’ love

As one door opens, two more close. Prolific concert promoter, **Bill Graham, ended the Fillmore East’s mighty music run in New York City’s East Village on June 27th with a simulcast through radio stations WPLJ and WNEW-FM. Popular DJs including Alison Steele (her mini-bio coming up soon in BFYP Book 3), gave their fans lively banter during set changes.
      It was a sad preview to a few weeks later when Graham also shuttered Fillmore West in San Francisco. Many outstanding musical memories remain of those two iconic venues.

Now Bring ‘round the family, get out the ol’ turntable, and slap on a Rockin’ 45. Let ‘em hear what real music sounds like …. Need more records, old and new ? Read on …

June 5-6th:  We may be a little worn around the edges, but apparently, we’re still relevant! Starting now, a new-old “History of Rock ‘n’ Roll” radio show returns to the airwaves in syndicated fashion! The two-hour weekly program debuting on Memphis WMPS (Sunny 103.1 FM and AM 1210) is hosted by none other than pioneering broadcaster of radio and TV, Wink Martindale. Memphis is where Martindale began his broadcasting odyssey. The show airs Saturdays (on this station) at 9:00a and Sundays at noon. Rock on!

June 12th: If your old vinyl records are wearing out or you need to hear one you didn’t save from back in the day, hit the stores today! It’s Record Store Day.** Not only for the Oldies, but in case you haven’t kept up with the times, even the kids making new music are makin’ vinyls too.** Like Rock & Roll, vinyl records will never dieeeeeeee. (**It happens again, July 17th.

June 19th: Let’s dig our toes into the “Summer Sand”*** of life and dance with abandon on International Surfing Day! (***By Dawn before Tony Orlando struck out on his own.)
      But surf's up every day at BFYP! You don't even have to get wet to enjoy a vintage summer surf day with
Beach Boys tunes and a “beach party,” complete with limbo bar, all still popular party leftovers from the Sixties!
If you’re near a beach, why not
volunteer to clean it up. The oceans in all their majestic beauty are in danger of becoming one big cesspool of trash. Bring your old transistor radio and let’s get Surf-Rockin’!

50 Years Ago on Your Tinny Transistor Radio  
Um, what was the #4 tune for JUNE 1971 at KRLA/Los Angeles? It’s “Right on the Tip of My Tongue”!  50 Years Ago we easily spit it out. Although our ol’ gray memories ain’t what they used to be, it maybe doesn’t come to mind so quickly because it’s often considered a one-hit-wonder.
Brenda & The Tabulations forgot to say I love you enough (though their “Dry Your Eyes” did well a few years earlier), but they did break the top five in a hint of retro doo-wop and R&B with this tune.
 Riding their radio high, Brenda (Payton) paid WIBG/Philadelphia, a studio visit, summer of ’71. With obvious delight at seeing her mentioned here, our fave BFYP DJ consultant, Bill Gardner, sent this photo and recalls that his shy smile hid her playful cheekiness as he flanks her left side in the pic with other station bigwigs. Bill still counts Brenda as one of his all-time favorite artists on a long and winding radio road.

We continue the ‘70s wild-and-crazy band names (see May ’71 BFYP blog) with *The Fuzz, Beginning of the End (“Funky Nassau”), and 8th Day (“She’s Not Just Another Woman”), punctuating the song chart as we recall 1971 in head-scratching wonderment at their creative monikers.

Also on your cute, functional, or beer can transistor radio, were the DJs. Our Featured Radio Survey this month includes a smoldering picture of Johnnie (or Johnny) Darin (1940-2014), who personified the Southern California radio music scene.
      His golden boy good looks (reminiscent of “Kookie” in TV’s 77 Sunset Strip) surely helped his fans fall in love and kept his ratings high at many radio stations like KRLA, KGB (San Diego), and KMEN (San Bernardin). It’s rumored that his first encounter with a DJ as a young’un, went something like this: Johnnie: “When I grow up, I want to be a disc jockey.” The DJ exclaimed, “You can’t do both!”

BFYP Featured Radio Survey  
Rockin’ JUNE 1971
~ KRLA/Los Angeles, flaunted an ad on the back cover welcoming fan fave, Jethro Tull to the city, for two big days in mid-June … Carole King tops the chart with “It’s Too Late” (also a featured artist in 06/06/21 Parade magazine)50 Years Ago this Month in Rock & Roll Radio! Where were you that groovy day when your radio played …

Celebrate JUNE 1971 and … Rock On!  

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