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50 Years Ago JULY 1968 ‘Birds in Hand

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>>07/13/18: News of the Pala Indian Reservation’s recent radio revamp, came by way of fellow author and longtime friend, Joe Naiman, who reported recently on the change, and featured a San Diego radio/TV legend (and BFYP DJ) in his article for the East County’s Village News.
     “The Federal Communications Commission granted Pala Rez Radio the call letters KPRI-FM, March 23. The call letters stand for Kupa Pala Rez Indians, but the original KPRI-FM in San Diego had a format similar to the classic rock music Pala Rez Radio currently plays.”
     This led to San Diego career DJ, John Fox, to invite his friend, iconic SoCal DJ, Shotgun Tom Kelly, to join him in the Del Mar Fair Pala Rez Radio booth [91.3; “rock, talk and reggae”] in June. Enjoy Joe’s deep-dive into local radio history with Shotgun and John as star players!

And now, let's flip on the mic, and Rock On back to 1968 …
Summer Sun, Independence Fun! 

Regardless of news reports, patriotism has never—and should never—be in short supply in the United States. What was signed into existence this day, July 4th, two hundred and forty-two years ago, created our country.

It wasn’t perfect then. It isn’t perfect now. As a patriot, I have to say, if someone doesn’t like it here, they can be part of the solution, not create a problem, or go somewhere else. This country must still be great, or so many people from everywhere else, wouldn’t cross our borders illegally.

For all its imperfections, the United States of America (however loosely defined these days) is deserving of our patriotism. Ask yourself how you can make it better, or simply enjoy what it is … still the best country in the world.

That said, I hope you enjoy your 4th of July Holiday! And “feel free” to continue celebrating your part in “America the Beautiful” the rest of the month.  

And now, flip on the mic, let’s Rock on back to Independence month JULY 1968

While we bounced around from party to party, waving flags and listening to our transistor radios, WIBG/Philly played our favorite tunes with Gary Mitchell’s bouncy voice behind the mic. Talk of the day was surely the imminent demise of a popular Psychedelic Rock band …

July 7th: Culminated the final days for The Yardbirds. The band brought us promises in “For Your Love (1965),” To fill you with delight | I’d give you diamonds bright; and the prophetic antics of “Over Under Sideways Down (1966).” When will it end … ? We were about to learn.

Over the years, The Yardbirds launched careers for Rock notables and guitarists extraordinaire, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton; the result endeared the band to fans worldwide.

The band played through a series of U.S. concerts before a June 12th announcement confirming rumors of two founding members’ departure. The Yardbirds landed for their final performance in Luton, Bedfordshire, England on July 7th.

But … we all know, it wasn’t the end of the Rock road for elements of its illustrious sound. The iconic Led Zeppelin warmed up in the wings with Jimmy Page, and strains of The New Yardbirds wafted close.

It’s said that 1968 was the greatest year in Rock & Roll Music. If July is proof, it is so!

Meanwhile, WIBG fans pushed two songs ten steps up the ladder in one giant leap. Its “Big 30 Records in Philadelphia" chart for July 9, 1968, tells the story …

Did you empathize with Nancy Wilson when she told us, “Face It Girl It’s Over”? Does he have to draw you pictures | Does he have to spell it out …?

Or were you groovin’ to Cream with Eric Clapton (post-The Yardbirds) as they turned us on to “Sunshine of Your Love”? The firecracker songs exploded from #17 and 18, to #7 and #8, respectively.  

I've been waiting so long | To be where I'm going | In the sunshine of your love

Featured Radio Survey: WIBG-Philly, top 30 July 9, 1968 gave us “Lady Willpower” (Union Gap) and “Stay in My Corner” (Dells) in the top two spots for the second week. Though his money-making single slid off the charts by this time, Tiny Tim is on the cover with venerable DJ Gary Mitchell, 50 Years Ago This Month. Rev up your memories and recall that awesome day when …

Celebrate JULY 1968 and … Rock On!
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