Tuesday, December 1, 2015

50 Years Ago this Month – Soul Stretching

Like 2015, 1965 was a year of change, unrest, and innovation. As the people spoke out on racism, religion, and war, our music reflected the times.

Leading a poignant revolution, The Beatles released Rubber Soul (December 3rd), their landmark album that marked a change in their tunes, from purely moneymaking pop to introspective creativity. Peace and harmony? Not so much …

Sunday, November 1, 2015

50 Years Ago this Month – DJ Dan Ingram Spins Sloooow

While we planned for Thanksgiving 50 years ago this month, The Supremes swayed to their music on the radio, thankful for a sixth #1 Motown hit, “I Hear a Symphony.”
The Supremes hung for two weeks at #1 on WABC/New York’s chart for 11/23/65, and it was still climbing at #3 on L.A.’s KRLA Tunedex. But what event earlier in the month cut fans off from their favorite songs?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

50 Years Ago this month – Do the Wolfman Boogie

It’s ROCK-TOBER! Wolfman Jack LOVED “Howl”oween, for obvious reasons. His howl lit up the airwaves in 1965, but not so much in song. It may not have been October, but sometime in 1965 Wolfman Jack and The Wolfpack released a self-titled album (Bread label), with Wolfman Boogie, Parts 1 & 2.

Robert Weston Smith’s adopted persona didn’t begin with a rumbling howl and a pumpkin …  
Without a trick in sight, this month’s 50 Years Ago tribute is a sweet Halloween treat! In BFYP’s Book I (1954-1959), we explored Wolfman Jack’s youth. Enjoy the excerpt, and learn about the boy who became a wolf! Ooooowwwww!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

50 Years Ago this Month – Just Yesterday

August’s “Help!” slip-slides down the charts as summer melts into school. By the end of September 1965 it was clawing the charts at #13 on KGB/San Diego’s “Boss 30” Records.*

Does that mean we’d lost interest in The Beatles already? Not just no, but hell no. Their nostalgic tune lamenting they weren’t half the men they used to be “Yesterday,” struck a chord with the KGBeachBoys (station’s cutesy name for their DJs) grabbing the #1 spot.

KGB has always reveled in its slightly rebel reputation … as some of their surveys have recorded for posterity. And this month, someone there liked Ringo best …

Friday, July 31, 2015

50 Years Ago this month – Magical Mystery Tour Part 2

Help! It was a magical mystery tour …

All ears were glued to Rockin’ Radio stations, and eyeballs fixed and dilated on posters taped to the ceiling, as The Beatles launched their second US concert tour.

It began August 15th at Shea Stadium in New York, heralding the birth of “stadium rock,” as Beatlemania peaked.

NY radio stations, like WTRY (Albany) were in a ticket-giveaway frenzy, and lucky DJs like Lee Gray and Rick Snyder basked in the celebrity and summer sun. 
What was it like for fans and their fave DJs …?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

50 Years Ago this month – DJ Rick Snyder in WTRY Dream Job

BFYP DJ Rick Snyder was at home on the turntable at WTRY/Troy, New York, in July 1965. His story is coming up in BFYP Book 2. In the meantime, a couple of tidbits in a sneak preview!

“‘My mother played the piano, my aunt sang, and I played the trumpet,’ said Rick. ‘But the only music that was constantly available was on the radio.’

“One day he rode his bike across town to WOLF (Syracuse, New York) and watched Denny Bracken doing his DJ thing. (Another station with a studio window on the world.) Denny invited Rick and his friend into the studio. It didn’t take long—watching the DJ say a few words while the engineer did all the work—Rick was hooked.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blast from Your Past Summer Tribute to DJ David “Da Snake” London

It’s always sad when someone we know leaves Earth for what we perceive as a “better place.” But it’s of some comfort to consider transition rather than finality. 

And even more wonderful when memories come flooding back for a tribute, a couple years later.

The following post originally appeared in December of 2013. Dave was remembered on my Facebook page today by Bill Trousdale with a fond memory. It inspired me to update and re-post Dave's memorial article, just days before what would have been his 67th birthday.

Happy Birthday "Snake"!

David L. Cockrell (06/26/1948 – 09/29/2013), aka DJ David London (WAPE/Jacksonville FL 1960s/early ‘70s); and David “Da Snake” London (KCBQ/San Diego 1970s) began his Earthly journey on a hot and humid summer day in 1948. He vacationed through life and boogied up to Rock & Roll Heaven September 29, 2013. In between, David was a man of many lives with a perpetual sunny smile. Here's how he made us smile ...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blast from Your Past - Amazon Countdown Sale!

To celebrate Father’s Day and Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day (06/21) we’re counting down to the BFYP Book 1 – Amazon Countdown Deal!

What’s a “Countdown Deal” you ask? This ebook sale offers a fun read about pioneering Radio DJs back in the dawn of Rock & Roll, at a special price for four days only. Details …

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Does Dad need a summer read? Know a special Baby Boomer you want to surprise with a fun addition to their Kindle library? Don't miss this sale!
"Cousin Brucie" Morrow at WINS/New York August 24, 1959

Let’s Rock & Roll down Memory Lane together … lots of great historical trivia with true tales of nostalgia from our friends behind the radio mic!

A little tease: Table of Contents and a couple of excerpts (see link on DJ name) - enjoy, then grab your copy quick, before the sale fades away ...

Rock On!