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50 Years Ago August 1968 Restless & Wild

>>BFYP BULLETIN 08/19/18: Philly breeds DJs in triplicate! The Gardner Brothers are more than siblings and great friends. Originally from the City of Brotherly Love, Al and Andre (center and right) followed big bro Bill, into radio broadcasting, to help pioneer Rock Radio. Bill, a BFYP DJ featured in Book 2, The Swinging Sixties, sent this pic from their recent reunion in Las Vegas. Coming up in 2019, the spotlight will focus on Al and Andre’s stories in Book 3, The Psychedelic Seventies! Don’t touch that dial! But click here, for a fun blurb on airline pilot and DJ extraordinaire, “Ol’ Captain” Bill’s website 

And now, let's flip on the mic, and Rock On back to 1968 …
Dreamy, Restless, and Born to Be Wild!  

In 1968 we sashayed toward the Psychedelic Seventies, with every dreamy and “far out” song that hit the top of the charts.  

Heating up the August charts with ethereal and floating tunes, we crooned “Dream a Little Dream of Me” with Mama Cass, and turned retro with The Vogues’ “Turn Around, Look at Me.” But rebel Rock was never far from the top.  

Born to Be Wild” (Steppenwolf) flew up the WABC Radio 77 (New York) survey from the bottom, to #9, by the end of August. Can’t you just see Cousin Brucie cuing up the record and singing with us, Get your motor runnin’ | Head out on the highway♪ 

Across the country, “The Real Don Steele” spun the hits at KHJ/Los Angeles. Their Boss 30 chart spotlighted the West’s restlessness, with “Born to Be Wild” already sitting pretty at the top of the chart by August 21st. Like a true nature's child | We were born, born to be wild …!

Aiming for the stars, new bands coveting that #1 spot on the chart, formed right and left; some fans said no, some yelled a resounding …

August 4th: YES! had an inauspicious start at a kids’ summer camp on this day in East Mersea, Essex. But within a year, Tony Wilson, British columnist for pioneering weekly music mag, Melody Maker, chose Yes and Led Zeppelin as the two bands "most likely to succeed." Prophetic, indeed!

And through the long, hot summer of 1968, our radios blared with the added spectrum of FM on our dials while music took on every color of the rainbow … or at least it did, in our minds …

Trip on your mind-blowing memories of the Crown of Creation album (Jefferson Airplane), set to debut the following month, September 1968.

Featured Radio Survey: Though not appearing on the chart, Simon & Garfunkel graced the cover of the Boss 30 chart for August 21, 1968 at KHJ/Los Angeles. The full chart is hosted at my fave vintage radio survey site The Airheads Radio Survey Archive. Or, see the top ten as our featured survey, 50 Years Ago This Month. Rev up your memories and recall that awesome day when …

Celebrate AUGUST 1968 and … Rock On!
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