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Rock Radio JULY 1970 Heck Yeah I Remember!

From Tinny Transistor to YouTube! My Treat … 

While we continue to struggle with the literal and figurative ailments of the day, it’s so important to enjoy a little brightness. With a special treat this month for classic radio fans, I hope you find your bright spot of pleasure, here.

As usual, we start with memorable people and music of July 1970. But it’s who is On Your Tinny Transistor Radio that brings you news of two pioneering Rock & Roll DJs glowing in 5,000 watt glory, even after 50 years. Let’s not waste another second …

50 Years Ago this Month ~ JULY 1970 

July 1st: Anniversary of Wolfman Jack's death (1995). The innovative, quintessential DJ needs no major introduction here, but should be noted as the disc jockey to whom the BFYP series is dedicated. Celebrating birth days rather than deaths have always been my criteria for tributes to those who have gone before us. Look for Wolfman’s homage again in January 2021! Aoooooww!

July 11th: Casey Kasem launches “American Top 40for national syndication. What quickly became a radio format staple has never really gone away. Mixing artist bio info and trivia with music, he co-founded ATF with fellow DJ Don Bustany

July 24th: Cousins Day! There is no link in my source associated with the day, so we’ll claim it for a Blast from Your Past featured DJ, Cousin Brucie! He is still “everybody’s favorite cousin.”

Music-wise, Eric Burdon & War tells us to “Spill the Wine” at #4 in this month’s KYNO/Fresno, California, Featured Radio Survey! That was okay when we were drinking Riunite or Blue Nun. (And we won’t even mention Boones Farm!) ♪ … and take that pearl … ♪

Hopefully, we’ve evolved to a smooth Cabernet Sauvignon that we definitely don’t want to spill. Pour yourself a glass, lean back, and reminisce … besides reincarnated Burdon sans Animals, what was playing …

On Your Tinny Transistor Radio ~ JULY 1970 (radio/music & DJs)                  
In addition to the music, we’re all about DJs at BFYP. Who was cueing up “Spill the Wine” for your radio pleasure? Boy, do I have a treat for you!

Any 1970s Philly radio fans here? Two of broadcasting’s most popular behind-the-mic dudes got together recently for a “virtual” fun feast of memories (and probably a little libation, too). 

Smooth talker, Bill Gardner, joined shock jocker, Joey Reynolds, in Joey’s “Hangout” on YouTube. Bill and I correspond often, as he graciously wrote the forward for my Blast from Your Past book series. He mentioned hanging out with Joey recently, and I jumped on the chance to ask a poignant question for this month’s 50 Years Ago blog …

He replied, “Do I remember where I was in July 1970? Heck yeah! Midday guy on WIBG/Philadelphia. Joey Reynolds hadn't joined us would be a few more months.” 

Bill became a legend in his hometown of Philly, spreading his good cheer across the nation to San Diego, Phoenix, and beyond. He’s proud that younger brothers, Al and Andre followed in his DJ footsteps.

Meanwhile, Joey’s legendary status behind the mic came with gigs that included Detroit, Cleveland, Hartford, and his beloved New York.

Rarely did Bill and Joey’s paths meet in radio, but when they did, it was memorable! At one time, WIBBAGE (as WIBG was affectionately known) was home to both Rockin’ jocks. Can you imagine?!

Bill is our self-deprecating darling of radio … he told Joey up front, “You may be able to do three minutes here” … they went on about radio life (& life in general) for more than half-hour, ending with a Bill Gardner and Little Richard interview replay from 2005.

Of course, Joey knows better, exclaiming with obvious respect for Bill, “How many disc jockeys in the world became airline pilots, commercially?” Tame, coming from Joey, but mid-interview when recalling original meanings behind radio station call letters, look out! Joey has honed his shock-jock skills. (And please keep in mind this was recorded in the middle of COVID-19 drama, but just before the recent civil unrest.)

You won’t want to miss their raucous and randy reminiscing about life as a Rock & Roll Radio DJ in the 1970s

Take a break from your daily grind (it gets that way even working at home, doesn’t it?) and watch Bill Gardner and Joey Reynolds. Trust me, you’ll smile … a lot.

Featured Radio Survey
Though it wasn’t easy to learn, apparently the dairy industry launched ad campaigns in 1969 to beef up their milk sales. (Pun intended!) KYNO/Fresno, California, gave ‘em the back cover and splashed a hunky male lifeguard on its July 15, 1970 survey. Oh, yeah, and it had songs listed too … 50 Years Ago this Month in Rock & Roll Radio! Where were you that groovy day when your radio played …

Celebrate JULY 1970 and … Rock On!  

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