Tuesday, February 21, 2017

50 Years Ago this Month – February 1967

Lingering Lovelights 

No doubt, St. Valentine’s Day had something to do with “Dedicated to the One I Love” scaling WABC/New York’s survey ladder in one GIANT leap, from an obscure #57 on February 25, 1967 to #15 the following week.

The Mamas & Papas’ favorite nearly wore out the station’s turntables as we lingered in its lovelights for another month, propelling it all the way to #3 by April 8th. 

Elsewhere in the February 1967 Rock & Roll Radio landscape, we have some fun listening to entertaining pioneering DJs’ airchecks at ReelRadio.com! Join us as Jan Gabriel hams it up at WJOB/Hammond, Indiana; The Real Don Steele keeps KHJ/Los Angeles listeners on their toes; and our “fuddy duddy buddy,” Dr. Don Rose,* razzes his radio audience at WQXI/Atlanta, Georgia, in February 1967. (Far left, Feb 1968, but still … 😉)

HUGE aircheck announcement for you Radioheads! Uncle Ricky, who owns the ReelRadio.com non-profit vintage airchecks site, is reconverting it to FREE access (like when it began in 1996) toward the end of March.

But PLEASE support his herculean efforts any time with a donation,* to thank him and ensure ReelRadio remains an enduring and endearing go-to site. As he says, “a ‘free’ site will kill us, or make us grow.” Let’s help him grow! (*This is not an ad, and Uncle Ricky didn’t ask me to post it. I just LOVE his site. It has been invaluable to me for writing the BFYP books.)

Featured Radio Survey: Since I don’t have a February 1967 radio survey in the BFYP Collection, I’ve posted a KCBQ/San Diego tribute survey featuring BFYP DJ Jack Vincent, for December 10, 1961. He began spinning vinyls in Rock & Roll Radio Heaven on January 29th, escorted by East Coast fave DJ, Herb Oscar Anderson, best known at WABC/New York. R.I.P. gentlemen.

Celebrate FEBRUARY 1967: 50 Years Ago … Rock On!

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