50 Years Ago 1965-1979

Rockin’ your memories to bring you a smile! We’re Rolling through the years, with flower power, radio, music, mayhem, and life ... and the Rock Radio DJs who brought it to us! Join us as we explore the melodies and moments of the 1960s & '70s and watch history unfold. Remember when ...

In an effort to save my efforts ... I'm streamlining this page to add only each year of articles, with a link to their pages. 1971 is the current list of posts which are always under the "BFYP Rockin' Blog" link. So we start with the link for 1970 and work backwards to when I began this fun but laborious blog.
     Now, I know the title of this page is "... 1965-1979." However, since beginning this site I've been through at least two site hosts, possibly three, I lost count; and about the same number of computers. Some pages/years seem to be missing. I'll keep trying to find them ...

My apology if this causes extra effort on your part to read them. At my age, my time is worth more than any effort put forth for anything by anyone. Rock On! 😎👇 

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1970 … Enjoy the Moment ... Again