Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Web Home - Throwin' a Party!

Hello! Thank you for visiting BlastFromYourPast.net. We have a new home which is always exciting. It's party time at Blast from Your Past! (Isn't it always? Heehee.)

However, it also takes time to settle in ... sigh ... please bear with me as I establish our fresh new site on a different system and hopefully make it better than ever!

The following information also pertains to:

     – PenchantForPenning.com
     – 39AndHoldingClub.com
     – WomenWritersWorldwide.com

No, you are not in the wrong place. Yes, things, they are a-changin’. One thing that is constant, is change, right?

And EVERYTHING is ch-ch-ch-changing for me this year, including the moving and upgrading of my websites.

I am undertaking a monumental job – rebuilding ALL of my websites – at the same time. Call me crazy (and many do), but when my last webhost company’s servers crashed for five days, I had to take matters into my own non-techie hands. 

If you were looking for something specific, want to check my schedule for an appearance, or excited to chat about early Rock & Roll Radio DJs, feel free to contact me via email or phone (in California), 858-292-5288. (And note - the email address is not yet re-set for LinDee@BlastFromYourPast.net. In the meantime, use the address linked here.)

Otherwise, look for this site to be rebuilt (new, fun, fresh!) asap. Have suggestions? Tell me! I hope you’ll return and enjoy our achievements in change.

Rock On!