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Periodically, a cool vintage radio survey - or music chart, Top 40, Top 30, Top whatever - is featured here to coincide with BFYP's "50 Years Ago" trivia. All surveys are from the Blast from Your Past Collection unless noted as radio surveys from other great sites.

MAY 17, 1967 - KFRC / San Francisco
KFRC's Big 30 for May 17, 1967, gave Aretha and their listeners the “Respect” we deserved. Capturing the moment in music, we heard Lou Rawls lament a “Dead End Street” at #5, and a peek into the upcoming Summer of Love, with “The Flower Children” (Marcia Strassman) hugging the #9 spot. Here’s the full top ten

MAY 17, 1967 - KFRC / San Francisco, California "The Big 30" survey
  * Artist names and song titles listed as printed on original survey. 


1. Respecy
          - Aretha Franklin
2. Groovin'
          - Young Rascals
3. Blues Theme
          - Arrow
4. Can't Seem to Make You Mine
          - Seeds
5. Dead End Street
          - Lou Rawls
6. Six O'clock
          - Lovin' Spoonful
7. Golden Road
          - Grateful Dead
8. Him or Me
          - Paul Revere/Raiders
9. The Flower Children
          - Marcia Strassman
10. She'd Rather be with Me
          - Turtles

"Society's Child," "Windy," and "Come on Down to My Boat" were the Big Hit Bounds - and they were! (hits)
- KFRC didn't list all their DJs this month, but here's 9 til noon guy, Ed Mitchell ...