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Welcome! Let's reminisce and enjoy a few minutes cruisin' down Memory Lane to the tunes of our youth. You're on Blast from Your Past's Featured Radio Surveys page! Enjoy the moment ... again.

Periodically, a cool vintage radio survey - or music chart, Top 40, Top 30, Top whatever - is featured here to coincide with BFYP's "50 Years Ago" trivia. All surveys are from the Blast from Your Past Collection unless noted as radio surveys from other great sites.
  * Artist names and song titles listed as printed on original survey.

BONUS April 1968 - 2fer surprise! KLZ-FM/Denver & KMEN/San Bernardino, CA
(Added 04/15/18) My BFYP DJ inspirational cohort, Bill Gardner, sent over a copy of his prized KLZ-FM/Denver April 5, 1968 survey for your viewing pleasure. Says Bill (middle DJ), “We were three years into the KLZ-FM Denver launch and publishing a ‘Supersonic 70 Survey.’ Some of the ‘near misses’ we were playing back then are funny to see today. No doubt you remember ‘Fat Albert’ by the Fat Albert Orchestra? Probably one of the all time greats. And Steve Alaimo beating out ‘Lady Madonna’ by the Beatles with a song called ‘Denver’ at number one?!?!” Great memory, Bill. I understand it's courtesy of "Radio's Best Friend," Art Vuolo - thanks to both of you!
1. Denver
          - Steve Alaimo
2. Lady Madonna 
          - Beatles
          - Shane-Goldsboro
4. Cry Like a Baby
          - Box Tops
5. Young Girl
          - Union Gap
6. Jennifer Eccles
          - Hollies
7. Master Jack
          - 4 Jacks & Jill
8. Scarborough Fair
          - Simon & Garfinkle
9. The Mighty Quinn
          - Manfred Mann10. The Unicorn
          - Irish Rovers

KLZ-FM's "Fun Music" DJs were (top to bottom) Max Floyd,  BILL GARDNER, and Odie Cloney in artistic renditions.

April 1968 - KMEN/San Bernardino, California may have been a medium market station back in the day, but they behaved like a large market, with their own monthly newsmagazine. The Kmentertainer featured artists, DJs, and locals. Check out the "Kmen Heavy Hits" ...

KMEN's Kmentertainer, Vol. 3 No. 19, week ending April 13, 1968, featured survey #314 gave you the top thirty, with another dozen in "Hit Bound Sounds":

1. Honey
          - Bobby Goldsboro
2. Lady Madonna 
          - The Beatles
3. Playboy
          - Gene & Debbie
4. Love is All Around
          - The Troggs
5. La La Means I Love You
          - The Delfonics
6. Unicorn
          - The Irish Rovers
7. Cry Like a Baby
          - The Box Tops
8. Young Girl
          - The Union Gap
9. Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp
          - O.C. Smith
10. If You Can Want
          - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Was good looking a prerequisite for getting a KMEN DJ job? Presenting ... (left side, top to bottom)
- Robert Walker
- Mark Ford
- Russ O'Hara

(right side, top to bottom)
- Phil Otis
- Brad Edwards
- Dave McCormick
- T. Michael Jordan

And the once-free 24-page mag cost me $8.00 on eBay. Ahhhhh, longing for the "good ol' days"!