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50 Years Ago November 1968 Hey Jude Love Child

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     Now, on with the show ... November 1968 ... 

Baby Jude: Hey Jude’s Love Child!

Believe it or not, here we go head-long into the final two months of 2018. How did we get here?!

As we turn our thoughts to the season of thankfulness—at least through Thanksgiving—many of us will also begin a mental review of the year, noting achievements, carryovers for 2019, and perhaps a duel or two to resolve before year’s end.

Speaking of duels, a battle of boy-band vs. girl-band played out on music surveys across the nation Fifty Years Ago this Month

Roy Clark & Buck Trent, Hee Haw
November 4th: We’ve heard of dueling banjos and dueling pianos, but in November 1968 we radio listeners played a crucial part in a duel for the top of the charts between two talented and charismatic music powerhouses.

Diana Ross and the Supremes and brash boy band, The Beatles, hit
the national charts about the same time in 1964. From that point on, we fueled their duel on the airwaves and up ‘n’ down the surveys’ top hits for the rest of the decade.

WRIT/Milwaukee’s Silver Dollar Music Survey November 4, 1968 is a perfect example of their musical rivalry. Click on our Featured Survey* to see The Beatles’ “Hey Jude”/”Revolution” combo at #2, nipping at the heels of Mary Hopkin’s “Those Were the Days.” Diana Ross & the Supremes’ “Love Child” started its climb as a distant contender in the #28 spot.

The Beatles’ songs stayed at #2 for the November 11th chart, but “Love Child” quickly jumped several rungs up the ladder to #12.

By November 25th, however, Diana had led her girls up to #3, while The Beatles slipped to #4 & #5 (“Revolution” & “Hey Jude,” respectively). And yep, “Those Were the Days” still kept a glass ceiling on their rise.

November 22nd: The Beatles weren’t crying too hard, though. The White Album (aka The Beatles) was released on this date—and we all know how that turned out. *In anticipation, KFRC/San Francisco even devoted their entire November 20th Big 30 survey No. 128, solely to songs of The White Album. Cool.

Featured Radio Survey: WRIT/Milwaukee November 4, 1968 … for all their popularity across the country, neither The Beatles or Diana Ross and The Supremes could knock Mary Hopkin out of the #1 spot at WRIT50 Years Ago This Month. Rev up your memories and recall that awesome day when …

Celebrate NOVEMBER 1968 and … Rock On!

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