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Rock Radio FEB 1969 1st Rockumentary

Rockin' History in the Making

With The Beatles fresh off their rooftop concert in their final live gig together (January 30th), and The Shondells’ “Crimson & Clover” still topping the radio charts—with Beatles’ songs nowhere in sight—we head into February 1969 asking, what’s next?

What came next is actually what came first—and who’s on 2nd, right?

If you listen to Rock and Roll radio stations, you’ve likely heard some version of “The History of Rock and Roll.” Did you know the original debuted at a time when Rock history was still cranking out groundbreaking tunes? And purportedly, “Rockumentary” originated for the occasion … 

50 Years Ago this Month in Rock & Roll Radio:

February 21-23rd: KHJ/Los Angeles aired what’s billed as the first history of Rock and Roll. Even
then, we realized the music we listened to was history in the making. Time to begin the look back to its Blues and Jazz roots.
     Robert W. Morgan was the lucky DJ who debuted the energetic Rockumentary (later, a version aired with Humble Harve Miller), hosted by venerable Rock radio pioneer, Bill Drake.
Reportedly syndicated (but research not finding its syndication home), the scope of the original History of Rock and Roll begins in the early 1950s and sweeps through the decades to 1981. A mini-“Timesweep” of the Rockumentary’s songs in medley, is broadcast in three parts on YouTube, for the early years, 1954 – 1977 … memory teasers …

            January 1956 – January 1964 History of Rock & Roll Timesweep
            February 1964 – December 1969 History of Rock & Roll Timesweep
            January 1970 – December 1977 History of Rock & Roll Timesweep
Featured Radio Survey: This month, we showcase an infrequent off-site vintage radio survey, to bring you the KHJ/Los Angeles February 5, 1969 edition, hosted on ARSA (Airheads Radio Survey Archive). KHJ of course, advertised prior to the Rockumentary’s debut. Their “Boss 30” chart featured the ad and told us “Mendocino” (Sir Douglas Quintet) topped in at #1 50 Years Ago This Month in Rock & Roll Radio. That awesome day when …

Celebrate FEBRUARY 1969 and … Rock On!
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