Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blast from Your Past Summer Tribute to DJ David “Da Snake” London

It’s always sad when someone we know leaves Earth for what we perceive as a “better place.” But it’s of some comfort to consider transition rather than finality. 

And even more wonderful when memories come flooding back for a tribute, a couple years later.

The following post originally appeared in December of 2013. Dave was remembered on my Facebook page today by Bill Trousdale with a fond memory. It inspired me to update and re-post Dave's memorial article, just days before what would have been his 67th birthday.

Happy Birthday "Snake"!

David L. Cockrell (06/26/1948 – 09/29/2013), aka DJ David London (WAPE/Jacksonville FL 1960s/early ‘70s); and David “Da Snake” London (KCBQ/San Diego 1970s) began his Earthly journey on a hot and humid summer day in 1948. He vacationed through life and boogied up to Rock & Roll Heaven September 29, 2013. In between, David was a man of many lives with a perpetual sunny smile. Here's how he made us smile ...