Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rock & Roll Never Forgets – Record Store Day!

Say hi to Jack in Wayne City IL!

It’s Record Store Day! Boomers – back in the day, what did you do when you heard a great new song on the radio? Hot-footed it down to your corner record store to buy it, of course. Do you know where your vinyl records are?
Yep-they're '70s radios!

Hunt them up, play them reverently. There’s nothing like vinyl for soul-catching layered sound. If you’re missing a fave, it might be a little more difficult to find a local record store, but there must be one – go dig in the secondhand bins for a long-lost treasure!

Have an unforgettable record memory from days of yore? Share it! I recall the first time I heard Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love” in headphones … oh, the ecstasy as its multi-leveled riffs buzzed in one ear and out the other like a psychotic bee on steroids!

And for those into new music, yep – they’re still making vinyl records. The reports of the death of those black spinning platters was greatly exaggerated!

The Record Store Day site is teeming with names of stores around the country participating in new exclusive releases and re-release specials, all weekend long.

“Best thing to do?” they say? “Follow your local store(s) on their social media(s) or give them a shout, or head on in in advance to find out what’s on the dancecard. There are parties being planned Saturday. It’s gonna be awesome.”

So put on your dancin’ shoes and boogie down to your closest record store; or jump-jive at home – set a stack of ol’ 45s on the turntable, and Rock On!


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