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Rock Radio MARCH 1969 Vintage & Timeless

BFYP BULLETIN 03/24/19: BFYP featured pioneering R&R DJ, Warren Garling, expanded on my short story of his early DJ years in Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties, and wrote his memoir of his “journey into radio as a teenager.” As nearly all my DJs interviewed said, “not for fame or fortune, but for below minimum wage,” yet they wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything. Do you remember “Jesse James” at WSNY/Albany NY in 1969? Read Warren’s warm memoir of life behind the mic in the good ol’ days of R&R, “I’ll Have to Ask my Mom” on sale now!

BFYP BULLETIN 03/18/19: Millions of Surf Music fans are sad today, with the passing of Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar. Those of us fortunate to see him in person in a small venue like The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California, will never forget Dick Dale’s crashing crescendos only he could truly master on a guitar. The surf and music communities were blessed when Dale blended his two loves … music and the ocean. RIP dude. | Benztown audio tribute.

And now, flip on the mic, let’s Rock On back to 1969 … 

Radio Loves Vintage and Timeless Tunes 

Some songs, new and old, can be played backward and forward in time. Others will see future generations scratch their heads and wonder, what were they talking about? It’s the tunes that transcend time and play solely to our emotions that become immortal. 

Those with a vintage vibe, if allowed, will offer a nostalgic lesson in history, and entertain us. Radio is the conduit—then and now—for a song’s impact on our souls …

Still have your 1963 Cadillac transistor radio??
50 Years Ago this Month in Rock & Roll Radio
March 7th: Hint - ♪ He plays by intuition | The digit counters fall ♪… The Who released their Rock opera album tribute to Tommy, the king of everyone’s favorite arcade game, “Pinball Wizard.” It hit the bottom of KHJ/L.A.’s Boss 30 chart on April 2nd and peaked at #13 on April 16th.
            Meanwhile, in the East, it was a no-show on WABC/New York’s March/April/May charts, but finally showed up on WQAM/Florida’s Fabulous 56 list April 12th at no. 47.
            “Pinball Wizard” was a catchy, marketable tune with a rather odd, transcendental message that puts it in both the song categories: vintage—what’s a pinball?—and timeless—empathy for the boy’s isolation.
            This positioned it perfectly for the Psychedelic Seventies when “Pinball Wizard” enjoyed an energetic resurrection in the film that visualized the band’s album. Elton John gave Tommy renewed vigor in Ken Russell's 1975 big screen adaptation.

March 8th: What did hit the top of the radio charts this month? Speaking for the East is WQAM 560 ~ “South Florida’s FIRST and Only OFFICIAL Music Survey” where “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival hugged the #1 spot.
Jay & The Americans, a BFYP featured band, struggled to reach #9 with an old favorite, “This Magic Moment.” At the same time, WABC/NY fans gave them a little more love, pushing it up to #5.

Featured Radio Survey: Another ARSA radio chart—WQAM/Florida 560—check out the songs for March 8, 1969 that joined “Proud Mary” and “This Magic Moment” in the top ten, and clambered through the ranks, like “Games People Play” (Joe South) shooting up the chart to debut at #19 … 50 Years Ago This Month in Rock & Roll Radio. That awesome day when …

Celebrate MARCH 1969 and … Rock On! 
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