Fun Collectibles

If you're waxing nostalgic and want a glimpse into yesterday, enjoy a few of Blast from Your Past's personal collectibles. 

Reminisce, and enjoy the moment ... again ...

By September 1956 the country already worried about Rock ‘n’ Roll’s effect on our innocent teens. “Is Rock ‘n’ Roll … A pulsating, demanding blitz which splits the eardrums of the elders – while it becomes, for the young and vulnerable, a flame-thrower of mass hysteria? A satanic, cannibalistic, evil ‘spiritual’ which drives them to destruction, violence, dope addiction, illicit sex? … Or is it a happy treat for the feet?” asked writer, Helen Bolstad, in TV Radio Mirror. So … nothing’s changed in nearly sixty years! LOL (I vote for the latter.)

Who was in Chicago in the mid-1960s? Were you a member of DJ Ron Riley's Batman Club? (left)
Aerosmith was “Back in the Saddle” and Ted Nugent had “Cat Scratch Fever” at the height of their popularity in the late 1970s. KFRC / San Francisco snagged them for a metal jam … hence the button! (right)

1957-1968: We couldn't have enough Gumbys! Gumby and his horsey sidekick, Pokey were the imaginary friends of creator, Art Clokely. His TV show endured until he went into syndication. This Clokely collectible is a 1970's version of Gumby on a pin, toting a boombox of the era, listening to his fave Rock & Roll Radio DJ!

1929-2012: Ah yes, who can forget the legendary Dick Clark and American Bandstand (1956-1989)? He was likely the single-most influential DJ-turned-TV-host, who boosted numerous Rock artists' careers. Here we have him immortalized, with signature, on a '60s era record holder. The yellow "Sun" mini-records are actually coasters w/early Elvis song titles.

Peace & Love baby! Believe it or not these big-chain necklaces are 1970s transistor radios! LOL What were we thinking?! The AM only radios still pull in a strong signal on local stations. Cool.

Speaking of cool ... is there a cooler cat than Garfield? No way you can be grumpy, with this goofy-grin transistor radio. Cartoonist, Jim Davis, jumped right into the character radio products the same time Garfield debuted in the comics, June 19, 1978. This cutie, and his pal, Odie (hanging on for dear life), are now members of the 39 and Holding Club!

What's that you ask? A 1960s diner jukebox? Well, not quite ... but a fun, nostalgic1980s reproduction by Crosley. The AM/FM radio and cassette tape deck player (remember those?) is of moderately collectible value; though nothing like the real diner-top jukeboxes. This one is, however, a tribute to the nearly bygone era(s) of when cigarette smoking was "cool." 
It's a "Joe" Camel limited edition.

Now this motley crew of collectibles might have you wondering what's-what. Most are from the '70s; a couple might be earlier. l.-r./front: Cadillac AM transistor radio; atop is sitting a mini-guitar/radio; next comes a handsome Gumby radio; and then we have a full can of Rock & Roll beer (!); which sits next to a vintage radio, non-vintage but still collectible Lava Lamp (doesn't say Rolling Stones, but ...). And, in the back row: a repro microphone/radio, Schlitz beer can radio and Budweiser radio. Just a few of the more fun ones in the BFYP radio collection.

Do you love snagging autographed celeb photos? Wolfman Jack is very collectible - especially when signed with his specialty character drawing, "Rufus." I wish I'd been the 1980s fan to watch him sign it in person, but I paid just over $20 several years ago (eBay) to add to the BFYP Collection. Have Mercy!

This is an on-going work in progress, as time permits. Come back periodically to see what's been added! Hope you "Enjoy the moment ... again."