Saturday, November 4, 2017

50 Years Ago Say Hello to NOV 1967

Breaking News 11/04/17: November—the month of giving. Oh, you thought that was next month for Christmas? Charity starts at home, with Thanksgiving. Not just a meal for family and friends, but to help others who may not have your good fortune, and/or those who suffered great losses this year. Give—it’s better for your heart health than Grandma’s pumpkin pie.

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And now, flip on the mic, let’s Rock On back to 1967 …

Don’t Say Goodbye! I Say Helloooo … to the Holidays!

Time to roam around those memory banks and spin your radio dial to Chicago, November 1967. Were you a WLS fan, listening to the friendly jokes and antics of Ron Riley? Or did Jim Stagg’s high energy music knowledge and celeb-artist friends hold your radio dial at WCFL?

Jim’s knack for selecting winning artists and songs to break out on WCFL, made its mark in Chicagoland; but The Beatles weren’t even in the top ten when WLS debuted their “Hello, Goodbye” at #22, November 24th. By December 15th it topped WLS’ Silver Dollar Survey.

Although WCFL awarded the “Mystery Tour” album a showing on their “Chicago Premier” list in mid-November, fans didn’t send it to the top of their Sound Ten Survey until Christmas week. “You say why, and I say, I don’t knowwww …” ♪

“Hello, Goodbye” joined other soon-to-be iconic songs like “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “All You Need is Love,” and “Penny Lane,” to round out the truly Magical Mystery Tour album (officially released November 27th).

Featured Radio Survey(s): Want to see more from these two powerhouse ‘60s stations? This month we feature TWO 50 Years Ago surveys! Check out WLS and WCFL’s full charts for mid-month, November 1967, and recall that awesome day when … 

Celebrate NOVEMBER 1967: 50 Years Ago and … Rock On!

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