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Rock Radio SEPTEMBER 1972 Rockin’ the Sky

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Walkin’, Rockin’ and Talkin’ to the Sky   

September’s Blast from Your Past article is finally “finished.” It just seems to take me longer every month. If you read it before today (09/09/22), I hope you’ll give it another read ... discover more fun tidbits from 1972 and top hit song links to sing along with! It’s all happenin’ fun ... 50 Years Ago this Month!  

Then & Now Rockin’ News & Views 
It’s no lie ... 1972 was crazy-wild with awesome tunes still viable today. We’re Speaking to the Sky on a Stairway to Heaven an’ lovin’ every second of it!

 > SEPTEMBER 1972 Rockin’ News Then …
You might notice on the
Featured Radio Survey page that for September 1972, 1) there’s a 2-fer! and 2) their lists of songs are almost nothing alike.
       The East
Coast nearly always had a head start on new music, so this month WFIL/Philadelphia’s chart has already shed much of what is listed on KERN/Bakersfield, California’s survey. What that means for you and me, is we’ll have twice as much fun exploring SEPTEMBER 1972 ...

Popular Philly DJ, Brother Love (aka Alan Smith) brought Rockin’ high energy to WFIL’s fans. Oh, and to Washington D.C.’s WRC folks and Baltimore’s WCAO! Occasionally, Rock Radio DJs want to do more than sit behind the mic and play the records—they want to make them! A few short years after this gig, Brother Love had fun creating the 1976 one-hit wonder, “Big Foot” by Bro Smith (cute mix of names). 

September 2nd: While Rod Stewart's second hit single "You Wear it Well," hit the #1 spot in the UK, it was still climbing in the US, albeit quickly. Up five spots from the previous week at WFIL/Philly, it took over at #22, but didn’t make the cut with KERN/Bakersfield, California, listeners.

September 20th: Police discover cannabis growing on Paul & Linda McCartney's farm ... something tells me they weren’t concerned about the beetles.

September 24th: Does anyone remember the ABC television series, In Concert? It was short-lived, leaving the air in 1975. However, music heavyweights like Alice Cooper, Curtis Mayfield and Bo Diddley headlined the first concert, taped on September 21st at Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York. 

Monthly Song of Note     
was a tough decision with two incredible radio charts to choose from! “Brandy”

by Looking Glass is interesting, down one on KERN’s chart at #9; and already down to #14 on WFIL. It’s an everyman and everywoman’s classic tale of unrequited love, with a harbor town setting and a captivating, sing-a-long tune. Read below to see another way “Brandy” makes its mark in history. 
it’s Rick Springfield’s cryptic debut song “Speak to the Sky” that beat it out as our Monthly Song of Note . This time, the West Coast apparently picked up on it earlier than other stations. By the first week of September it was climbing KERN/Bakersfield’s chart at #22, while it didn’t even hit the bottom rung of WFIL’s survey until October 2nd.
was an uplifting tune for that year, as much needed then as now. Taking a break from daily reality is as good an idea today as 50 Years Ago ... have a chat with the Universe, or God, or whatever/whoever you hold in highest esteem ... Speak to the sky whenever things go wrong ...  

Quirky Band Names

The Main Ingredient is tellin’ ya “Everybody Plays the Fool” and just made bottom of the KERN chart at #30; it was already up to #16 on WFIL and destined for great popularity. Just have to wonder what the main ingredient to their success was ...
       Family Cat with
“Violence” sitting at #27 on KERN this month, but no place for it on WFIL. Little wonder, as a fairly thorough search yielded no information on the lyrics, its writers (*A. Mercier, Jr. and R. Marlin as noted on the record label), or the artist. Not even a dribble. Only a couple of *45’s available for sale in the usual places. Please feel free to share, if you know any of its provenance.
       Raspberries with
“Go All the Way” came in at #20 on WFIL – though we’re not privy to know how the name came about, they did some clever marketing. WIKI:  “This 1st album [self-titled Raspberries] featured a strong scratch and sniff raspberry scented sticker on the front cover.” Sweet.

On Your Tinny Transistor Radio  
SEPTEMBER 1972 ~ Two now-iconic tunes are standouts in the climb up the charts on this month’s radio surveys. Elvis’s* (hunka-hunka) “Burning Love” burned its way up WFIL’s chart to #12 so far, but it’s nowhere to be seen on KERN’s chart ... meanwhile, Bakersfield fans are ahead of the curve, lovin’ Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” It rose quickly, this week, jumping to #21. It didn’t even make a showing at WFIL until the October 10th survey where it hit the ground running, leaping up to #16. Mind you, “Stairway” was officially released on November 8, 1971 ... wha’ happened?
       Wellllll, apparently, their concerts came first, where the song was heard for most of 1971, before its official record release. Still, it took nearly another year to hit the radio charts, which in part, may have been due to the stations’ reluctance to play the lengthy song (7 minutes, 55 seconds). But more likely because it was only sold on albums. However, test pressings in 45rpm do exist in a short list on eBay, ranging from $100 to $1,000.
       DJ Extraordinaire, Bill Gardner, tells
a great story about Radio DJs and “Stairway.” “I was still in Seattle playing the hits 3-6PM on KING, the Big 11. My brother Al, (not yet a radio guy, but a film editor at a TV station in Philly), drove across America to visit me. Still learning radio, he asked, ‘What's that song that every jock plays as his sign-off song?’ I first thought, that can't be. There's no DJ ‘sign-off song.’ Then it hit me. Almost all the jocks would save ‘Stairway to Heaven’ as their last song of their show, thereby cutting out of the studio almost eight minutes early, and getting an early start home :-), rather than staying until the top of the hour. Ah, the halcyon days of LIVE radio guys on the air!” 

> SEPTEMBER 2022 Rockin’ News Now  
It’s Classical Music Month! In case you want an official link, all we have is the PDF link to the government statute that put it on the calendar. And, I know we’re all about Rock & Roll here, but surely you’ve noticed the melting pot of the genre is thick with classical music influence ... we’re thinkin’ “It’s Now or Never” by Elvis* (1960); 1967’s “Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harum, and the 1973 classic, “Could It Be Magic” by Barry Manilow—all based on Classical Music! Get out your ol’ turntable and enjoy.

September 18th: Get your tablets and eyeglasses primed for Read An Ebook [sic] Day! Well isn’t this cool? Another day we can celebrate our founding books in shameless promotion! The hosting publisher link is just as unabashed as yours truly, obviously establishing the day for its authors. So take your pick – my Rockin’ Blast from Your Past books support this blog, while theirs is nameless and faceless. 😊 Either way, happy reading! 

September 25th: Don’t look now, it’s National One-Hit Wonder Day! Incredibly, there is no supporting link. And there’s only one tune from our 2-fer Featured Radio Surveys that seems to qualify for the distinction. Last month’s, “Motorcycle Mama,” by Sailcat, was a good’un. But our qualifier this month is all about unrequited love—always a trendy music topic—in “Brandy” by Looking Glass. Their brief fame might have been briefer if Washington D.C. DJ Harv Moore hadn’t championed the song and rallied fans around it. Who doesn’t know its catchy tune? She could feel the ocean fall and rise | She saw its ragin’ glory ...  

BFYP Featured Radio Survey  
It’s an FRS 2-FER! Two great classic surveys to motivate your memory! September 4, 1972 ~ KERN/Bakersfield, California, and September 11, 1972 ~ WFIL/Philly ... KERN’s great ‘70s art and WFIL’s *Elvis image make them both special in my vintage music charts book. …take a wild and crazy trip down memory lane ... 50 Years Ago this Month in Rock & Roll Radio! Where were you that groovy day when your radio played … 

Let’s Celebrate SEPTEMBER 1972 and Rock On!    

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