Sunday, November 1, 2015

50 Years Ago this Month – DJ Dan Ingram Spins Sloooow

While we planned for Thanksgiving 50 years ago this month, The Supremes swayed to their music on the radio, thankful for a sixth #1 Motown hit, “I Hear a Symphony.”
The Supremes hung for two weeks at #1 on WABC/New York’s chart for 11/23/65, and it was still climbing at #3 on L.A.’s KRLA Tunedex. But what event earlier in the month cut fans off from their favorite songs?

November 9, 1965, was a long night for most of the Eastern Seaboard and parts of Canada. Shortly after five o’clock, WABC’s popular afternoon DJ, Dan Ingram, noticed his turntable played “Everyone’s Gone to the Moon” (Jonathan King) like it was on a slow boat to China.

Not long after, a series of blackouts rolled across eight states, leaving many folks in the dark for up to thirteen hours. Hmmmm, what to do in the dark … maybe a little cuddling? Were you there? Does someone in your family have an August 1966 birth date?  

Featured Radio Survey(s): Well darn, in all my BFYP collectible surveys, I don’t have a November 1965 chart. So, enjoy October’s just a little longer …while Wolfman Jack made radio history in the West at XERB 1090 / Rosarito Beach, Mexico/Los Angeles, WQAM / Miami, Florida, used magic on listeners in the East, with the Lovin’ Spoonful’sBelieve in Magic” at #8 on their Fabulous 56 Survey, October 2, 1965.

Celebrate this month 50 years ago and … Enjoy the moment … again!


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