Tuesday, December 1, 2015

50 Years Ago this Month – Soul Stretching

Like 2015, 1965 was a year of change, unrest, and innovation. As the people spoke out on racism, religion, and war, our music reflected the times.

Leading a poignant revolution, The Beatles released Rubber Soul (December 3rd), their landmark album that marked a change in their tunes, from purely moneymaking pop to introspective creativity. Peace and harmony? Not so much …

Though George worked the soothing strains of a sitar into “Norwegian Wood,” all was not peaceful in their homeland as UK radio rebelled over government restrictions.

A December 26th Paul McCartney interview gave credence to rogue Radio Caroline, a “pirate radio station”
which defied UK laws, anchored in international waters off the North Sea coast of Suffolk, England.

Rubber Soul’s release however, also heralded The Beatles’ swan song, as their last live UK tour ended on December 12th. A final US tour in August 1966 was plagued with controversy over Lennon’s “Jesus” remark, and it took another four years for the Fab Four to irrevocably splinter.

I sat on a rug | biding my time | drinking her wine … 

Featured Radio Survey(s): Well darn, in all my BFYP collectible surveys, I don’t have a December 1965 chart. So, enjoy a few festive vintage images of era collectibles that might spark a Holiday gift idea for your fave Boomer.

Celebrate this month 50 years ago and … Enjoy the moment … again!

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