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Welcome! Let's reminisce and enjoy a few minutes cruisin' down Memory Lane to the tunes of our youth. You're on Blast from Your Past's Featured Radio Surveys page! Enjoy the moment ... again.

Periodically, a cool vintage radio survey - or music chart, Top 40, Top 30, Top whatever - is featured here to coincide with BFYP's "50 Years Ago" trivia. All surveys are from the Blast from Your Past Collection unless noted as radio surveys from other great sites.
  * Artist names and song titles listed as printed on original survey.

Featured Survey / OCTOBER 1968:

KAFY/Santa Barbara, California, "5 & 50" chart gave us their five best sellers and 50 top fave tunes for October. The oversized survey for October 16th wasn't spooky, just a whole lotta fun. Rock On! 50 Years Ago This Month.
1. Little Green Apples
          - O.C. Smith
2. The Snake 
          - Al Wilson
3. Eleanor
          - Turtles
4. Lalena
          - Donovan
5. Abraham, Martin & John
- Dion

6. My Special Angel
          - Vogues
7. Help Yourself
          - Tom Jones
8. All Along the Watchtower
          - Jimi Hendrix
9. I'll Stay with You
          - Willie & R.R. Band
10. I'm in a Different World
          - Four Tops