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Welcome! Let's reminisce and enjoy a few minutes cruisin' down Memory Lane to the tunes of our youth. You're on Blast from Your Past's Featured Radio Surveys page! Enjoy the moment ... again.

Every month--50 Years Ago--a cool vintage radio survey, or music chart (depending on how you know them), Top 40, Top 30, Top whatever, is featured here to coincide with BFYP's "50 Years Ago this Month" nostalgic blog. All surveys are from the Blast from Your Past Collection unless noted as radio surveys from other great sites.
  * Artist names and song titles listed as printed on original survey.

Featured Survey / FEBRUARY 1974:

We're Rockin' On this month with so much great music, so long ago ... yet it seems like yesterday. KCBQ/San Diego, California, is in its heyday with their "Q Hits" Top 25 from February 22, 1974. DJ Rich Brother Robbin was swingin' from the tree to bring you all the hits ... cheers to the memories and Rock On ... 50 Years Ago this Month ... Enjoy the Moment Again!

*Top Ten songs are posted here just as they appear on surveys, misspellings and all ...

Top 10 of 25 ~ FEBRUARY 1974

1.  Seasons in the Sun
       - Terry Jacks
2.  Rock On
       - David Essex
3.  Show & Tell

- Al Wilson
The Way We Were
        - Barbra Streisand
5.  You're Sixteen
        - Ringo Starr
6.  Americans
        - Mac Gregor/Sinclair
7. Erus Tu
        - Mocedades
8. Dark Lady
        - Cher
9. Spiders & Snakes
        - Jim Stafford
10A. Dancing with Dr. D.
10B. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
        - Rolling Stones

*🎵 Monthly Song of Note
#2: Rock On ~ David Essex

KCBQ's dynamic DJ, Rich Bro Robbin made a long and exuberant career of life behind the mic, for which listeners coast-to-coast are forever grateful. We don't know who "Young" was on the chart's back cover took over afternoons, but knowing "Q" he was a good 'un!