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Welcome! Let's reminisce and enjoy a few minutes cruisin' down Memory Lane to the tunes of our youth. You're on Blast from Your Past's Featured Radio Surveys page! Enjoy the moment ... again.

Periodically, a cool vintage radio survey - or music chart, Top 40, Top 30, Top whatever - is featured here to coincide with BFYP's "50 Years Ago" trivia. All surveys are from the Blast from Your Past Collection unless noted as radio surveys from other great sites.
  * Artist names and song titles listed as printed on original survey.

Featured Survey / AUGUST 1972:

There were loads of hot summer songs on WFIL/Philadelphia's Top 30 survey, August 7, 1972. Many of the top ten tunes are super-classic. And were you in Philly listening to Dave "the Rave" Parks behind the mic?  ...  50 Years Ago this Month ... Enjoy the Moment Again and ... Rock On!

*Top Ten songs are posted here just as they appear on surveys, misspellings and all ...

First Top 10 of 30 ~ August 7, 1972

1.  Alone Again

       - Gilbert O'Sullivan
2.  Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
       - Hollies
3.  Where is the Love

- R. Flack & D. Hathaway
4.   If Loving You is Wrong
        - Luther Ingram
5.  Brandy
        - Looking Glass
6.  School's Out
        - Alice Cooper
7.  You Don't Mess Around with Jim
        - Jim Croce
8. Rock and Roll Pt. 2
        - Gary Glitter
9.  Lean On Me
        - Bill Withers
10. Layla
        - Derek & Dominos

🎵 Monthly Song of Note
#7: You Don't Mess Around with Jim 
by Jim Croce

One of WFIL's top Jocks, DJ Dave "the Rave" Parks is Joe Cool in action ...