Jay & The Americans Rockin’ On!

If you haven’t been to a “golden” concert yet—one that features a band of the ‘50s, ‘60s, or ‘70s—what are you waiting for? We're not getting any younger ... but this is a warm-and-fuzzy way to experience your teen years all over again!

It’s especially fun if it’s a band that still has all or most of its original members—like Jay & The Americans.

I’m still hearing in my head, Jay’s breath-defying note on “Cara Mia,” from last Thursday’s (June 29) concert!* And what better way to reclaim your youth than to bounce to the music of yesteryear. At least three standing ovations from a standing-room-only crowd was a good indication I am not alone in these thoughts. (*San Diego County Fair, Del Mar, California.)

To start the show, Sandy introduced the song with a tribute to Jay Traynor – Jay #1 – and launched into the song that made them famous …

For one hour, we were back in the diner when “She Cried,” wrapped in Jay's soothing voice … or letting “Some Enchanted Evening” lull us to sleep with our tinny transistor radios under the pillow … or holding the hairbrush to our lips, crooning “Come a Little Bit Closer” at the pajama party.

Jay #3 (most recent member, 2006) joined original band members, Sandy (founder), Howie, and Marty, and their fine backup group, The USA Band, to bring us the blast from your past that ignored painful joints, sore backs, and manes of gray.

And as much fun as the guys seemed to have on stage, they were right there with us. Sounding as good as ever, they gave us another “Magic Moment” for our memories.

Jay & The Americans are not wallowing in the past; they’re sharing it with the present. Sandy quipped, “I’m finally considered cool by my grandchildren.” If you haven’t been locked in a closet this year, you likely know that their iconic “Come a Little Bit Closer” made the official soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Solid proof that Rock & Roll will never die!

Are they coming to you soon? Take a peek at their current tour schedule ... and Enjoy the Moments ... Again!

front: Sandy and Howie

front: Jay #3 and Marty

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