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Radio DJs Rock Behind the Mic in New Book of the 1960s
It was called “The Swinging Sixties” for a reason.

San Diego, California, May 25, 2017 – Launching her second book in the Blast from Your Past! series dedicated to Wolfman Jack, author, LinDee Rochelle, flips the mic on again, for thirty-two disc jockeys and two bands. They share what really happened in the studios at a time when the back door was always open and DJs could make or break a record.
Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties is available in Kindle (all eBook formats) $3.95; in paperback / black-and-white $15.95; and color $29.95 (by May 26, 2017). Book 1 in the series, The First Five Years 1954-1959, is available in Kindle/eBook and b&w print. Published by Penchant for Penning.
     Crisscrossing the country during the Golden Age of Rock & Roll Radio, from big cities to country towns, The Swinging Sixties is a collection of DJ stories of music and mayhem. Funny, revealing, poignant, and a few raucous, they define the decade of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. “The DJs laughed and lamented through their memories,” says Rochelle, “with tales of life behind the mic, and nuggets of witty wisdom.
When musing over the music, DJ Neil Ross said, ‘I tell my daughter, the difference between 1960 and 1969, is as if a hundred years had gone by …’”
Bruce Morrow became everyone’s favorite cousin … Ken Chase made “Louie” a famous name … and crossing the border from Mexico, came a salacious howl on the airwaves, reverberating through the night. It was The Swinging Sixties.
On a rollicking run down Memory Lane, the ‘60’s Rock & Roll Radio DJs hit the airwaves on both coasts. Memorable in the West include Tom and Raechel Donahue’s hippie FM stations, Dr. Don Rose ringing his cowbell at KFRC/San Francisco, Ken Chase (producer of The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie”) at KISN/Portland, and Shotgun Tom Kelly behind the mic in his trademark hat at KCBQ/San Diego. Swinging in New York style from the East, Cousin Brucie at WABC, Joey Reynolds at WKBW/Buffalo, Billy Bass at WIXY/Cleveland, and Ed Sciaky at WDAS-FM/Philadelphia, on his way to WMMR. Throughout are stories of how Wolfman Jack created the stage for his international howl.
An official launch party is in the works and scheduled in San Diego, for August 5, 2017. The “Golden Summer of Love” event will debut the book and Rock & Roll Radio DJs Day. Details TBD.
LinDee Rochelle, writer, editor and owner of Penchant for Penning, melds her two loves of music and writing to create a legacy for the DJs and herself, in the Blast from Your Past! series. Connect with her on Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook; or Sign up for the Fuzzy Dice News to receive updates and special articles about the Golden Years of Rock & Roll Radio, 1954-1979. “Enjoy the Moment … Again!”

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