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Rockin’ sights and sounds of the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s

These links are provided with at least partial endorsement, having vetted them all as of 04/19/2018. (More as time permits & links explored.) However, they are not ads and I am not paid for their inclusion. I simply believe in business networking, and applaud the history of Rock and Roll, with emphasis on the music and mayhem from DJs who rocked our tinny transistor radios! Know of a related link that others would enjoy, or want to exchange links? Contact here. 
(*Stupid necessary disclaimer: Tho they are viable sites as of 04/19/18, I do not guarantee your safe visiting. Click at your own risk.) 

BFYP Pioneering DJs* & Bands:
            (alpha by first name) 

Bill Gardner ~ a chat with Bill, formerly with KOOL-FM/Phoenix where we met, inspired the BFYP series; and he was the first DJ to grab the BFYP 84.8 mic for an interview!
(The) Five Americans (Mike Rabon)
Wolfman Jack – a true disc jockey icon (BFYP tribute page)
Wolfman Jack (legacy site)

*Some DJ links are to a BFYP page, only if the DJ does not have his/her own site.
**These DJs and/or producers were interviewed for BFYP regarding Wolfman Jack.

About Rock & Roll Radio DJs & Radio History – Radio DJs and Stations listed for much of U.S.!
(The) Airplay – celebrating Rock’s glory years, 1950s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s
Alan Freed – official tribute site of the man who coined “Rock & Roll”
Bay Area Radio Museum / California Historical Radio Society (w/many vintage airchecks)
This Day in Rock (History)

Airchecks (vintage), Books & Videos*
Airplay: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio - Rockin’ DVD documentary (aired on PBS)
Blast from Your Past (book series)
California – Radio and video airchecks
Classic Philadelphia Radio/WIBG (tribute site w/airchecks)
Vuolo Video – Art Vuolo, “Radio’s Best Friend; vintage [& current] personality shows & interviews”

*Also see some DJ links above

Listen & Rock All Night Long!
Magic ‘60s (Internet)

Rockin’ Memorabilia & Other Fun Stuff
Gotta Have Rock and Roll (auction site)
Keystone Record Collectors / Home of the Pennsylvania Music Expo
Lou’s Records / Encinitas CA