Vintage Gift Ideas

Vintage Collectibles = great Christmas, Holiday and any day gifts! 

If you need to buy for a Baby Boomer, or anyone who grooves to the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s, vintage collectibles offer terrific nostalgia gifts – for a loved one, or yourself!

From the affordable to the insanely more expensive than its original cost, collectibles run the gamut from affordable vintage radio surveys (that originally were free) to celeb memorabilia. You’ll find a few ideas below.

For the simple ambiance of the era, Blast from Your Past Gifts on CafePress is a fun place to shop. Tons of lifestyle items tout the fun and frolic of a Blast from Your Past! *

Still a fave, every self-respecting auto parts store
has a few pairs of fuzzy dice in fun colors!
$3.99 & up; even cheaper in online bulk.
This gem of a transistor radio jukebox
was found a few years ago on eBay.
Similar prices: $20 and up.

A trio of vintage radio surveys from Christmases past.
Prices can range from $ 0.99 each to $25 and up.
Have a stash of ol’ 45s hanging ‘round?
Look for vintage record totes!
At $10 & more – great buy.

Don’t forget an ebook ($4.99) or print edition ($9.84) of Blast from Your Past! True behind-the-mic tales from pioneering Rock & Roll Radio DJs. Great stocking stuffer and super affordable!

* Amazon and eBay are just two of the myriad of vintage sale and auction sites you can visit for great finds. However, browsing the aisles of festive antiques shops and malls is my favorite way to shop for them. Happy hunting!