Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome to 2015 ~ Rock On!

Hooray! We made it to 2015 - that sounded SO SciFi 50 years ago

Happy New Year Rockers! As we look forward to 2015, take a moment to reflect on the past ... rejoice with the present ... and rejuvenate for the future. 

At BFYP we love to reminisce ... life 50 years ago this month (with This Day in Rock/History): 1965 … a golden year of musical extremes and rebel dreams …

Does it bring back personal memories that are entwined with the music of the day? Or are you just curious about the era ... here, let me help! 

Throughout the year we'll explore 1965 through our 50 years ago trivia, and the best Rockin' years, 1954-1979, reporting on behind-the-mic lives of Rock Radio DJs, yesterday and today.

Like DJ Lee Gray (pictured w/The Beatles at WTRY / New York, July 16, 1965), who enjoyed the pseudo-title of "5th Beatle" with other DJs of the era - did you have a "Ticket to Ride"?

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