Thursday, March 5, 2015

Car Radios Blaring Louder than Ever

Sixty years ago, radio was thought to be gasping its last breath as the "boob tube" took over the airwaves ... and then along came Rock & Roll!

March 10, 1965, The Temptations’ #1 hit “My Girl” popped out of your car radio as my groovy new nephew, Steven, popped out singin’ a louder tune for my brother & his wife. 

Like our kids, radio grew, matured, & dared to find its way in a reinvented world. 50 years later it’s still #1 says RAMP"In-Dash Radio Doohickey Still Rules"!

What car radios looked like 50 years agoBig Daddy Bob “Bobaloo” Lewis mashed his words in with songs of the day on New York’s WABC, with Dan Ingram and BFYP DJ, Cousin Brucie Morrow

Meantime, KRLA in Los Angeles featured heavy-hitter DJs Casey Kasem, Dick Biondi, and Bob Eubanks. And the *KRLA Beat magazine told us “How to be a DJ”! Cool, man.

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