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Rock Radio NOVEMBER 1969 Thanks for Memories

Thank You … Thank You Very Much … 

November and December are months devoted to food, don’t you think? What’s for Thanksgiving … who’s bringing the eggnog for Christmas … and where’s the next potluck Holiday party? Sound familiar?

Food was certainly on Dave Thomas’s mind when he opened his first Wendy's Hamburgers in Columbus, Ohio, November 15, 1969. Yep – 50 Years Ago this Month!

So while we were munching on the new American fast food delicacy, Thanksgiving was just around the corner. Although certainly worthy and debatably the most celebrated meal, it isn’t the only event in November. So after we give thanks for the food and family memories, let’s take a walk and work off our big-T-dinner with more fun. Rockin’ on down Memory Lane …

Your Tinny Transistor Radio News ~ NOVEMBER 1969         
November 1st: Without any recent records from Elvis, by 1969 everyone wondered if we would ever hear his sexy sounds on the radio again. Oh ye of little faith. After a seven-year hiatus, he hit Billboard’s #1 in ratings again on this date, following the popularity of “Suspicious Minds” during the Halloween season. Thank you ... thank you very much.
KHJ/Los Angeles fans bounced it to the top as early as October 8th, and by November 3rd, it still rallied at #5 on *WLS/Chicago. California wearied of it finally, kicking it off KHJ’s chart by November 5th, to replace it with The Beatles’ dynamic duo, **Something” and “Come Together.” Got to be a joke he just do what he please  

November 7th: Where were you this date in 1969? If you called Fort Collins, Colorado, home, or Colorado State University your alma mater, it’s likely you favored stones over boulders, to attend The Rolling Stones’ concert on this date. Rock critics dubbed it a Rock and Roll legend. What made this American warm-up show of their long-awaited tour so memorable?
            It was the first major outing for “Little Mick” Taylor having recently replaced guitarist Brian Jones. From “Honky Tonk Women” to "All Down the Line" andIt’s Only Rock ‘n Roll,” Taylor contributed to many of the Stones’ early best works, 1969-1974. But I like it

**November 29th: Was it fair that “Something” and “Come Together” kicked other songs off the top of charts 50 Years Ago this Month? I’m sure The Beatles thought so. Revising charting policies for A and B songs on this date, Billboard gave the two songs a push by combining each song’s accrued points to create “one” #1 hit. It wasn’t long before other artists cashed in as well, like Creedence Clearwater Revival with “Fortunate Son” and “Down On The Corner.” Cool. Willie and the Poor Boys were playin’

Rockin’ Retro Radio
Buy, sell, trade. The mechanics of business plays out in radio ownership, and 1969 saw significant changes, like the National Science Network’s acquisition of KMPX-FM/San Francisco, along with KPPC-AM & FM stations/Pasadena.
BFYP DJs Tom and Raechel Donahue had already reprogrammed KMPX to a successful album-oriented Rock format before exiting in 1968. As 1969 came to a close, KPPC was about to follow suit headed by PD Doug Cox, who begged (BFYP) DJ, William F. Williams, to join him.
            Says Raechel of the long-play format growing ever more popular in that era, “… it was really fun to be able to create the show when you could weave a musical topic and tell the story.” (BFYP, Book 2.)
It appears about two years was the average length of time for conservative owners NSN to tolerate KPPC’s Rockin’ rebellious staff. Case in point—William dubbed it, the “PP”. Williams left late in 1972.  

WLS/Chicago captures this month’s Featured Survey honors, as their “Radio 89 Hit Parade” holds former #1 comeback hit for Elvis’ “Suspicious Minds” at #5 on the November 3, 1969 chart.And we can’t build our dreams | on Suspicious Minds 50 Years Ago this Month in Rock & Roll Radio! Where were you that groovy day when …

Celebrate NOVEMBER 1969 and … Rock On!
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