Thursday, April 2, 2020

Rock Radio APRIL 1970 Baby Wrote a Letter

Earth Day Cometh & The Beatles Go-eth 

While President Richard Nixon put his John Hancock on a bill to limit cigarette advertisements (took effect the following January), Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson founded our first Earth Day. Americans eagerly celebrated on April 22nd and it’s grown into a movement, not just a day.

Rock and Roll related April celebrations once included an “International ‘Louie Louie’ Day.” Apparently, that fell by the wayside, but WE still remember it, don’t we? Blast from Your Past DJ Ken Chase (aka Mike Korgan) produced The Kingsmen’s version in April 1963 and it still endures as the ultimate party song! ♪ Louie Louie, oh baby | We gotta go …! ♪

Let’s get our dancin’ shoes on and head into a feel-good COVID-19 note about International Guitar Month! April recognizes the many outstanding guitarists and classic strummin’ tunes over the decades. Of course that features incredible Rock and Roll songs.
WMGK/Philadelphia’s Andre Gardner may be broadcasting from home (as are most radio pros these days), but he’s still “cranking up the volume” on this month’s greatest top guitar hits for Philly’s listeners. Watch for Blast from Your Past 1970’s Book 3 (hopefully later this year) with tales of Andre’s broadcasting debut!  

And here, we'll pause as the music abruptly stops for this Public Service Announcement:
This month’s article WAS longer, but I guess being in lockdown means a police state in more ways than one. "The powers that be" don't care that I'm doing a service for those who love Old Time Rock & Roll--they arbitrarily removed three images I'd used to help us reminisce on history. No one notified me to ask nicely if I would remove them. I always use everything on my sites in a respectful, positive and hopefully enjoyable manner. Considering the amount of trash on Social Media sites that "meme" everything/everyone ... to hijack my website and remove images/blank them out without even allowing me to know who is behind the action and why, is reprehensible and cowardly. I have decided to remove text in this article that pertained to those images in question. There may have been a "glitch" on Blogger; if I find that's the case, I'll try to rectify it--but it's rather unlikely.

 That said ... let’s see what's left of music on the radio played to make the world go ‘round …

50 Years Ago this Month ~ APRIL 1970
Which ... leaves us with nothing much happening in this month "back in the day," that I'm apparently allowed to comment on; so sorry. I'll look around again and see what I can find. This issue may also cloud my future articles ... so sad someone has to ruin the fun for others.

On Your Tinny Transistor Radio 
This month’s Featured Radio Survey from KFRC/San Francisco not only showcased a playful McCartney on the front cover, but a shaggy-haired Joe Cocker on the back, advertising his upcoming concert at the Filmore West.
Joe recorded “The Letter” on St. Patrick’s Day the previous month and it already claimed #12 with San Fran fans, topping out at #3 by May 20th. Give me a ticket for an airoplane | I ain’t got time to take no fast trainMy baby she wrote me a letter
However, Joe was nowhere to be seen on WTRY/New York’s April 17 Big Sound Survey. On the other hand, were you listening to morning guy Jay Clark when you called to request “Let It Be”? It still held the top spot.

Featured Radio Survey: KFRC/San Francisco’s Big 30, April 22, 197050 Years Ago this Month in Rock & Roll Radio! Where were you that groovy day when your radio played … 

Celebrate APRIL 1970 and … Rock On!  

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