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Rock Radio DECEMBER 1970 Spiritual Song of Season

December 31, 2020, 9:22p.m. ... working on it!
Happy New Year!
Well, I truly did try to have the January 1st blog ready for early publication, but the Holidays are so jumbled ... just couldn't finish it in time to greet you with the dawn of 2021. It shall be published by the end of the day. CHEERS!! ... LinDee

Note from your blog host:
Yes, dear Oldies lovers and followers, you were promised the publication and availability of
BFYP’s Book 3 – R&R Radio DJs: The Psychedelic Seventies, in time for 2020 Holiday shopping. And that didn’t happen. I’m sure, in your lives too, a lot didn’t happen that had been airily planned months, or even a year earlier. Yep, I’m blaming it on C-19, even though as of this writing, I am fortunate not to be directly afflicted. But the whole ordeal of it kinda took the wind out of a lot of sails, mine included, as we worry and navigate a new world. Not a very good reason? You’re right. But as we age, everything takes a little (or a lot) longer. And there you have it.   

      Progress is continuing on the badly belated Book 3, but I’ll never make “timely” promises again. Let me just say as I have many times, Timing is EverythingTrust the Timing. I do promise, I won’t give up until Book 3 is published and completes the music and mayhem trilogy of BFYP’s personally selected pioneering Rock Radio DJs 1954-1979! Comments? Feel free to make ‘em (below) … Cheers to your Holiday Season … stay safe, stay well, and let’s Rock On! Yours in patience and peaceLinDee Rochelle
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from BFYP and DECEMBER 1970

50 Years Ago this Month
December 12th:
Powerhouse singer, Jim Morrison, had a tough time with the pressures of fame and following The Doors’ New Orleans appearance at The Warehouse, band members decided they’d had enough of his volatile on-stage antics. No more live shows for Morrison. A prelude to his ultimate downfall in 1971.
December 1970 music charts didn’t reflect any Doors music, but there was plenty of action up and down the charts:
BFYP DJ Neilson Ross, made the KCBQ/San Diego survey (BFYP Collection) cover this month (12/04/70) with a striking artful image that I’m sure fans loved. It may be December and the Christmas Season, but a sunglasses-clad smiley face sun at top of the survey, reminded fans it caters to no-snow, sunny San Diego year-round.
      KPOI in another sunny state just a bouncy hop across the ocean, gave listeners a syndicated show ad for Wolfman Jack the week of December 8th in its “Action 20 Records of Hawaii” survey.
But finally, the West Coast acknowledges Christmas with BFYP’s *Featured Radio Survey, KHJ/Los Angeles’ “Boss 30” music chart. Dressed as Santa, afternoon DJ Bill Wade, promises to grant some readers’ Christmas wishes!

      What song topped the chart of all three surveys? Read on …

 On Your Tinny Transistor Radio ~ DECEMBER 1970

My Sweet Lord” (George Harrison) topped the charts for KCBQ, KPOI and KHJ, which reflected much of the country. Quite a coup for George Harrison’s first solo tune (sans the official Beatles). Although not affiliated with any one religious organization, after dabbling in many devout areas, Harrison’s inspiration for a song to the Lord apparently reflected his desire to know God better, without an affiliation.
      Appropriately during the
Christmas Season, it resonated with many faiths and a legion of fans who loved the “quiet” Beatle. ♪
Really want to show you, Lord, that it won't take long, my Lord
… ♪

      It wasn’t just the “left coast” in the Holiday spirit with this spiritual song … WCFL/Chicago fans also boosted it to #1 in their 12/14/70 “Big Ten Countdown.” But New Yorkers were more enthralled with Dawn’s “Knock Three Times,” on WABC’s “Music Power Survey,” allowing Harrison’s tune a high of #2, though even that didn’t happen until January ‘71. ♪ Twice on the pipe means you ain't gonna show … ♪  

BFYP Featured Radio Survey
*DECEMBER 16, 1970
 KHJ/Los Angeles ~ DJ Bill Wade brought Santa Claus to life with a bagful of good deeds for wishful fans … 50 Years Ago this Month in Rock & Roll Radio! Where were you that groovy day when your radio played …   

 Celebrate DECEMBER 1970 and … Rock On!  

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