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Rock Radio FEBRUARY 1971 It was/is a Wild World!

It’s a Wild World … and a-Changin’ World! 

Yes, even here, at Blast from Your Past, change is a constant. No, we’re not trying to change history aka Orwell’s 1984. ♪ … But then a lot of nice things turn bad out there … ♪ We’re simply sprucing up the site to bring you news of today and yesterday (not the fake kind). Then and now, ♪ … Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world … ♪ (Cat Stevens; February 1971.)

Rearranging Blast’s sections allows for reasons to celebrate, which may have originated in Rock & Roll’s past or resonates with music, retro radio, and news of note today. First, News & Views to think about as we boogie into 50 Years Ago this Month. Enjoy!

Blast from Your Past ~ News & Views
3rd (1959): The Day the Music Died … a date every year that commemorates the music we lost on this day in 1959 … already twelve years past in 1971. It is no less poignant or significant today, sixty-two years later. One can’t help but wonder what future marvelous music we missed over the decades with the deaths of industry innovators Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson), and Ritchie Valens, in an airplane crash.
      We’ll revisit this subject no doubt, in December, the month Don McLean’s revered song, “American Pie” (with the famed line above) hit the charts and reminded us what we were missing. Rock & Roll music lovers, please bow your heads in a moment of silence.

February 11th: Then honor them again on Get Out Your Guitar Day with a rousing rendition of “Chantilly Lace”!  (The Big Bopper; 1958) OR … “Come On Let’s Go” (Ritchie Valens; 1958); and “That’ll Be the Day” (Buddy Holly, 1957). There were no links associated with this day or The Day the Music Died, so enjoy a sing-a-long and have fun on these!  

Just a few from the BFYP vintage radio collection
February 13th: While we have you cruisin’ down Memory Lane, flip on the radio and give some thought to its Rockin’ origin. World Radio Day 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of UNESCO’s special day dedicated to more than 110 years of radio broadcasting. A great place to bone up on your radio history, and consider its subtheme: New World / New Radio. Celebrate radio’s evolution, innovation, and most importantly, how it foments our connection to each other.

      Radio stations and pioneering Rock & Roll Radio folks, fans and listeners—bop into your memory banks and tell us about your fondest radio listening experiences. What radio message, event, or broadcaster left their mark on you? Tell us! @BlastFromPastBk or email your comment for posting to site!
      Tell your friends! #WorldRadioDay #NewWorldNewRadio

February 27th: Grab your fringe jacket, bell bottom jeans, funky vintage transistor radio, and turn on the lava lamp—it’s National Retro Day! Although I’m not sure what their link is about, I’ve included their “official” special day here, because I just love the idea of going retro—any day! Rock On!

50 Years Ago this Month on Your Tinny Transistor Radio    
1971 ~ a stellar month for pop music. KHJ/Los Angeles’s Top 30 for
February 17th included such memorable greats as Judy Collins’s soulful recording of “Amazing Grace” at #24; “Mr. Bojangles,” a sentimental cover tune by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band sliding down at #17; Ike & Tina Turner belting out #12, “Proud Mary”; Janis Joplin grousing about “Me and Bobby McGee” at #11; and Francis Lai’s "Theme from Love Story" moving swiftly upward at #4--did anyone who saw the movie ever listen to the instrumental hit without sobbing?!

And we have 50 Years of changing tunes ‘round your tinny transistor radio dial … last month we spoke of KADI/St. Louis’s numerous format flips and call letter changes over its radio tenure. But ABC Radio takes the award for multiple station changes in one day across the country.

Apparently the prolific radio parent company wanted to spread the love on February 14th: All of ABC Radio's FM stations change call letters on the day of love …

>KABC-FM in Los Angeles becomes KLOS, for Los Angeles.

>KGO-FM in San Francisco becomes KSFX, for San Francisco (now KOSF).

>KQV-FM in Pittsburgh becomes WDVE, for a D o V E, the symbol of peace.

>KXYZ-FM in Houston becomes KAUM (today KHMX), meaning unknown.

>WABC-FM in New York becomes WPLJ, for White Port & Lemon Juice.

>WXYZ-FM in Detroit becomes WRIF, for a guitar "R I F F" – legend goes that the calls were meant for WLS-FM to symbolize the city's jazz scene). But …

>WLS-FM in Chicago becomes WDAI, supposedly meant for WXYZ-FM to celebrate the Detroit Auto Industry; it had no meaning in Chicago.

Rounding out February radio fun, February 20, 1971 nearly saw a second “War of the Worlds” sans the war or the worlds … simply an erroneous warning from the U.S. Emergency Broadcast System. Although most radio stations ignored it (hopefully they investigated it), WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana, took it seriously with a 20-minute programming interruption. Oops! And on to our regular programming of the month’s fun survey!

BFYP Featured Radio Survey     
 KHJ/Los Angeles featured a hit song’s star hitmaker in their February 17, 1971 “Boss 30” music survey. Hint: she’s mentioned above. And what hit #1 (again) for the trendsetting station? Take a peek … 50 Years Ago this Month in Rock & Roll Radio! Where were you that groovy day when your radio played …

Celebrate FEBRUARY 1971 and … Rock On!  

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