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Rock Radio FEBRUARY 1972 Radio Turns Me On

Giving Life a Break Down by the Lazy River *  

All RIGHT! Let’s have some fun Now and Then as we continue to explore DJ radio antics and the dynamic music in the Hearts and Flowers month of 1972.

Although like most years, there are some real song and album gems, 1972 tunes really kept me reaching for the radio. You too? We aren’t the only ones who love the music of 1972 ... apparently, much of San Diego agrees ...

Then & Now  Rockin’ News & Views 
The San Diego Union Tribune
recently ran a fun,  front-page story in their Arts & Culture section that begins, “Fifty years later, 1972 remains arguably the greatest year ever for truly exceptional albums.” Reading the lengthy article it's hard to disagree. The writer traveled through 1972 listing dozens of amazing albums, both studio and live, starting with Neil Young’s Harvest (studio) and The Allman Brothers Band’s Eat a Peach (studio/live mix).
      Long time journalist,
George Varga (also an esteemed voting member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), obviously had fun with this one. He took us with him down 1972 music memory lane with fervor, admitting his coming-of-age year as a “devoted musical sponge.”
       Of course, not all his faves were Rock or Pop albums. Still, an interesting take on the year's music, his album picks included some familiar tunes that stood out--Joni Mitchell's "You Turn Me On I'm a Radio
" (November release), and from the Eagles' self-titled debut album, I spotted "Witchy Woman" (August release).

But of course, we’re focusing on February, so grab your tinny transistor radio and let’s go Down by the Lazy River * 50 Years Ago this Month ...   

> Rockin’ News Then FEBRUARY 1972   
Radio stations flipping formats is an inevitability and has always been an emotional roller coaster for their listeners. We run the gamut from happy, excited and thrilled, to irritated, frustrated and incensed. And finally, like it or not, acceptance. 

Were you in Davenport, Iowa, when not only WOC-FM’s beautiful music went away, but so did its identifying call letters? How did you like the “new” KIIK-FM (or KIIK 104) top 40 contemporary hits station? I suspect it depended on your age. Fun “Now” tidbit ... they flipped a couple more times to end up today as Country - U.S. 104.9! 

February 13th – Fifty Years Ago this month, Singapore apparently wasn’t the hipster city it is now (tongue-in-cheek), when a Led Zeppelin concert had to cancel because ... are you ready for this? ... their hair was too long. Yup. Wouldn’t even let ‘em off the plane. And that was their biggest concern?! My, how we’ve changed. Meanwhile, Zep’s “Black Dog” had slipped from #5 to #12 on this month’s FRS*.Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move | Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove ...

> Rockin’ News Now FEBRUARY 2022
At BFYP we think in terms of entertainment radio stations. But more significantly, radio as an informational tool has long had a global reach beyond entertainment.
       As a part of the system, entertainment radio DJs have often been our first contact for critical news over the past century ... think about that as we celebrate ...

February 13th: UNESCO Invites us to celebrate World Radio Day with them! As mentioned above, radio in its overview is much more than an entertainment medium. As UNESCO says, Radio has the “... unique ability to reach out [to] the widest audience [which] means radio can shape a society’s
experience of diversity, stand as an arena for all voices to speak out, be represented and heard. Are in in Radio? Register and publicize your WRD event or activity with them. If you’re a Radio fan (like me) rummage around for your trusty ol’ vintage radio and tune it into whatever suits your fancy!

February 14th: Of course, it’s “hearts and flowers” day. I left my 💖 with Oldies music on the Radio! 

February 22nd: This month's 02/22/2022 is even more numerologically unique in the '70s style of New Age than the multiple ones (11) karmic experience of 2011's 01/11/2011 and 11/11/2011. Back in the day we learned about numerology and the three master numbers ... 11 / 22 / 33 ... in some circles, 02/20/2022 is special for the U.S., because it heralds the return of the Pluto cycle to the U.S. (its cycle takes approx. 247 years); while 02/22/2022 will be considered a triple-whammy portent of great changes and good things to happen. It is the third and last multiple twos for another couple hundred years. There obviously can’t be a “33” calendar date, so this is it for a while!

       What does all this numerology in a nutshell have to do with radio?? Talkin’ good ol’ days vis-à-vis today and yesterday with DJ Bill Gardner. He recalled another DJ conversation to add to this month’s numerical fun. “Jack Schell, one of my old former teammates from KVIL FM & AM Dallas-Ft. Worth, did noon-3 (right after my 9-noon) and recently said... ‘If I were on the air again next month [February], I might have had the chance to give a time check of "2:22 on 2/22/22!"’” They’re still thinkin’ radio ... Rock On!

Remember When – on Your Tinny Transistor Radio    
It took six Rockin’ DJs to keep WAPE/Jacksonville, Florida, at the top of the radio ratings. Who were you listening to 50 Years Ago (in order, morning-to-midnight): Jay Thomas (who went on to acting fame), Larry Dixon, Cleveland Wheeler, Teddy Bear Richards, Sean Conrad, or a cool guy I didn’t meet until 2010, David London (aka David Cockrell)? And WAPE has more ...

        > *Monthly Song of Note : This month’s tantalizing tune from the Featured Radio Survey takes us on a journey to the water’s edge together, with The Osmonds escaping the city in “Down by the Lazy River.” Slipping from #1 the previous week, it rested at #4 on WAPE/Jacksonville’s “Hit List” for February 23, 1972. Rumor has it, at the time, The Osmonds were giving Donny a little break as their dynamo lead singer, while he traversed the coming-of-age voice changing frustrations.

   > Quirky Band Names – Not much has changed in selecting a name for your musical moniker – today, just as yesterday, we love to be creative and unique. Though many current artists are headlining bands with their real names or an alter ego, there are still a few inspired artistic band names on the charts, like Glass Animals.
       February 1972
artists on the radio 50 Years Ago however, reflected the mood of the day in their titles ... we listened to Congregation [The] – “Softly Whispering (I Love You)” – but never to be heard on the top ten list again, loud or soft; along with Five Man [Electrical] Band – “Julianna”; and Originals [The] – “Someone Who Cares.” 

♪ *BFYP Featured Radio Survey  

FEBRUARY 23, 1972 ~ WAPE/Jacksonville, Florida, flaunted their DJs on the “Hit List” chart. I was fortunate to be introduced to Dave Cockrell, aka WAPE’s David London, in 2010 by DJ Bill Gardner. What a nice guy! Wish I’d known him longer—he followed the music to DJ Heaven 09/29/2013. Bet he was a kick on the radio ... 50 Years Ago this Month! Where were you that groovy day when your radio played …  

Let’s Celebrate FEBRUARY 1972 and Rock On!    

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