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Rock Radio JULY 1973 Summer High

Rockin’ into July on a Natural High

It’s JULY! Middle of summer, red-white-blue, flag-waving fun, JULY. As a patriotic elder, a rare personal political opinion: Whether born here or not, if you don’t love America for all its faults, foibles, beauty and benevolence, you’re in the wrong country. After 247 years, it is still the best country in the world. After all, it brought us Rock & Roll! 

Oh my, wait ‘til you see the music nostalgia we have planned for you! We poked along in May and June with WCFL respective music charts, but for JULY 1973, we’re picking up summer speed with three rad surveys! From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, we were Rockin’!

What top tunes did we push to #1 in the heart of the summer 1973? The Mile High City (Denver) radio listeners sent Jim Croce into the clouds with “Bad Bad Leroy Brown,” while the irreverent L.A. market voted Stories’ “Brother Louie” to the top. But a little picturesque resort town north of San Diego gave Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome” the thumbs-up at #1. Like a favorite ol’ snapshot … let’s take a peek … at 50 Years Ago this Month 

JULY 1973 Rockin’ News ♪ 

The 1970s are known for art in practically every medium, and the radio stations treated their fans and listeners to some of the best of the era. From psychedelic curlicues to disk jockey portraits, we delighted in visuals along with the music.

Each of our three vintage music charts are highly collectible in their own right, for art, image, or significance of the era. After a couple months in the East and Midwest in June, we venture further West for July 1973. Which was chosen as the Featured Radio Survey? Check ‘em out …  

July 14th: For a tiny market in a funky beach resort town, KUDE Rocked the (air)waves in Oceanside, California. Like other small stations though, it offered a solid proving ground for early Rock jocks to hone their skills before moving on up. Even without any remarkable art or a sparkling jock image, the plain gray “San Diego County Music Guide” in the BFYP Collection is remarkable as a 50-year-old collector’s piece. You’ll learn why, below. 

July 14th: In music news, this day also marked a sad moment for fans of The Everly Brothers. Although Phil (1939-2014) & Don (1937-2021) had already promoted their Knott’s Berry Farm (Buena Park, California) appearance as their final event together, Phil couldn’t finish the set or the engagement. He left the stage in a rage and the pop duo of real brothers barely spoke to each other for ten years. Don went solo the next night for the first time, reportedly commenting to fans, “The Everly Brothers died ten years ago.” The Everly Brothers’ professional reconciliation finally occurred in 1983.

July 21st: Whoohoo! The mile-high city is in the groove with featured Rock Radio DJ, Danny Davis, on the cover of KTLK 1280’s “Double K” music survey. Denver, a highly respected home of many artistes over several decades proved its early eclectic nature with dynamic Danny’s headshot in a first-rate, detailed pen and ink
drawing of him by “D. Ray.” Apparently, Danny owned a Porsche at the time, as it’s pictured with him. Or was it indicative of wishful thinking? 

July 24th: Many boomer ladies everywhere will remember KHJ/Los Angeles’ July “93 KHJ ‘Thirty’” with David Cassidy (1950-2017) on the cover, at his peak of fame and fortune. The teen heartthrob’s sultry image promoted his upcoming morning DJ spot. Cassidy, winning fame in The Partridge Family TV show, sought to jump-start his reinvention, in a brief stint as a KHJ DJ, for a fan base who already loved him. By summer’s end, Cassidy focused again on records, releasing “Daydreamer” in the fall. I'm walking in the rain | Chasing after rainbows I may never find again   

And surprise! All three radio surveys are on the Featured Radio Survey page. Rockin' your memories to bring you a smile ...

On Your Tinny Transistor Radio  
This month we have three awesome vintage radio surveys as you noticed above! But only one will make the Featured Radio Survey honor. Which of them do you think is the chosen one? (If you’re too curious to wait, see below.)

During 1973’s incredibly creative musical year, every month holds new—now vintage—top tunes that still resonate with us today. And gauging by the number of Oldies songs that are selected by current advertisers to hawk their products, even the young’uns like them.

Some might think Gilbert O’Sullivan’sGet Down” would make a good dog food commercial. Although it hadn’t yet made the cut at L.A.’s KHJ, KUDE/Oceanside (CA) fans took it up to #10 and KTLK/Denver gave it the #11 spot this month. Why was it so popular with many people nationwide? It’s fun, it’s bouncy, and it’s about a dog. Or is it? Nah. His girlfriend was a little frisky  Get down, get down, get down | You're a bad dog baby | But I still want you 'round  

While Denver radio fans yelled at the dog to get down and enjoyed Danny Davis spinning their song choices, Los Angeles’ powerhouse station courted controversy with the Stories’ “Brother Louie” at #1. The song about an interracial love affair is bittersweet but strikes a chord in many, yesterday and today, as it has inspired various uses in popular culture. You might recognize it as the walk-up song for MLB’s popular New York Mets infielder, Luis Guillorme. Regardless the use, the message is the same Ain't no diff'rence 'tween black or white | Brothers, you know what I mean  

This is all leading up to …

Monthly Song of Note   
Pardon me, while I strike a high note! Talk about a sing-a-long … we either swayed or swooned to the tune of this mellow-yellow melody. “
Natural High” is highly popular in today’s slow-jams. No surprise, Denver fans elevated it #2 at KTLK; it was boosted up to #4 at KUDE/Oceanside; while KHJ/L.A. fans were letting it drift downward to #7, July 1973. 

Whether your high is natural or not wasn’t the focus (if a focus was possible in the ‘70s 😊). Penned early on by Bloodstone’s bass player, Charles McCormick, it was their first top ten tune. It’s all about wishful thinking and stands the test of time for unrequited love  And I'll take to the sky on a natural high | Loving you more till the day I die … (And I don’t even know you) …      

Quirky Band Names  
Speaking of, “Bloodstone” the band name makes our quirky list. Beginning in the early 1960s as the “Sinceres,” another unique moniker, we wonder, was their new name adopted for the bloodstone’s ancient “magical” properties to preserve health and youth? The oft-known “stone of Babylon” has been revered since around the 3rd century. When it comes to the band, however, some questions simply have no answer.

Then there are other questions with quirky, tongue-in-cheek responses. Take The Hues Corp (abbreviated on the chart which set their “Freedom for the Stallion” at #24 at KUDE/Oceanside) for example. From all accounts, the pop trio was set on making the play on words directed at the Howard Hughes Corporation. It’s reported they initially went a tad further, wanting the title, “The Children of Howard Hughes.” However, it was nixed by their record label. (This was long before Hughes passed and his billions were left behind, basically up for grabs [1976].) It took a little digging to learn that Hughes apparently was a confirmed racist …

July 2023 Music Events & More   

July 7th: Get your boogie shoes on, it’s National Day of Rock n' Roll! Oddly, there is no official link, so we hunted up a couple for you. The one featured on the day ( seems to be the most knowledgeable with terrific celebrating suggestions. The Musicians of Mischief, however, is most enthusiastic with their own Las Vegas event… Long Live Rock N' Roll!   And gyrating close on its heels …

July 13th: International Day of Rock n' Roll … Although two links are associated with the official day—one for Wikipedia, the other for the Irish Rock ‘N’ Roll Museum—both acknowledged it was established to commemorate the globally linked 1985 Live Aid Benefit concert on this day in 1985.  

July 14th: Vroom! Vroom! That’s the sound of vintage muscle cars revving their engines today! It’s Collector Car Appreciation Day! Like peanut butter and jelly, classic cars and Rock & Roll just go together. Find a local vintage car show and enjoy the memories.  

July 15th: Did you know the San Diego County Fairgrounds built a new performance venue? Opening was in February, and the wait for hot summer concerts is over! The SOUND stage presents Blue Oyster Cult! A little Psychedelic Rock goes a long way …

July 30th: Ah, it’s Blast from Your Past self-promotion day! Um, I mean, it’s Paperback Book Day! There doesn’t seem to be an official, historical link for this awesome day, so it’s mine now! Or rather, yours. Take a day, explore the world of words in a convenient paperback book. Sometimes a digital copy just won’t work. Great pastime for the beach, park, or a quiet corner at home. and I want to be a | paperback writer … (The Beatles 1966) Oh, wait! I “R” one! 😊 Here’s a special just for you …   

So, my Rock & Roll Radio friends, if you’d rather add an eBook to your device for summer reading, and since I haven’t yet republished BFYP Book 1 in print (Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The First Five Years), click the title link for a two-day eBook giveaway just for you over the weekend—July 29th & 30th! Enjoy, and Rock On … 

BFYP Featured Radio Survey  
JULY 14, 1973 ~ KUDE/Oceanside, California! I had to choose this one of the three. First, it’s part of my home base in San Diego County. But for its vintage value alone, it’s a stand-out. As a vintage collectible that personifies Rock Radio stations of the era, KUDE/Oceanside, California, is a treasure. You’ll see the station solicited attention from the “big guys” in L.A., with this fairly rare “KUDE Guide” mailer sent out a week after compilation, addressed to RCA Records in L.A. It’s complete with an Ike Eisenhower 8¢ stamp. So cool. Enjoy all three BFYP Collection surveys … from 50 Years Ago this Month in Rock & Roll Radio! Where were you that groovy day when your radio played 

Let’s Celebrate JULY  1973 and Rock On!   

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