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Rock Radio 50 Years Ago ~ MAY 1974

South of the Border & Drummin’ Up Tunes 

May 25, 2024 …  

Well, I’m finally picking up the pieces of what’s left of my little life and Rockin’ on. It isn’t easy, but when I whined as a young’un, my mother always replied, “Nobody ever said life was easy.” Usually adding, “So get busy!” 

With that, vintage Rock lovers, I’m back! A lot worse for wear, but still muttering, Never Give Up! Soon as you do, the other guy wins!

If you’ve been here looking for more musical article notes beyond my rental woes, my apologies. The elder rental issue isn’t going away, it’s just being moved to our sister site,, where there will soon be a menu listing—Opaque Elder Rights—and link for my full story, in all its frustrating glory (look for it sometime in June). Trust me, this could happen to any of you and/or your loved ones.  

There will be more on 39AHC about the nearly year-long desecration of the elderly in our building and the apparent trend that caused it, but here, once again, the focus is on Rockin’! 

While I don’t yet have much to embellish the miniscule May 1974 fun stuff below, my plan is to finish May asap in a minimum way (a better-late-than-never effort) AND Rock into June on the first of the month. I hope you will ride the Oldies memories a little longer as I make it all happen. 

Hint: My Featured Radio Survey for June 1974 is ridin’ high in the Rockies, and May’s is finally posted!! Go ahead … take a look-see … 

Who was kissing the mic and playing your fave tunes? 

MAY 1974 Radio Muse & News  

 DJ Dave Sebastian (Williams) made a career of radio before diving into the natural transition of voice over work. His legacy in that industry began with a back pocket piece of folded notepaper in 1988, and the Voice Over Resource Guide (lovingly known as The VORG), is still alive and well. Its history is HERE, where you’ll find that he and his wife, Terri, sold it to young’uns to keep it relevant, in January 2018.

And to get you humming, strumming, and drumming while you wait for the rest …

Monthly Song of Note    
May’s Song of Note is a tantalizing tune for the Gen Xers who were conceived as Maria Muldaur softly coaxed their parents into “Midnight at the Oasis.” Released February 1974, it took a couple months to make its way up to the Top Ten in the City of Angels …  (wow—is that a misnomer these days!), grabbing the middle rung on KHJ’s “93 ‘Thirty’” chart for May 21, 1974. 

According to Wiki: “AllMusic reviewer Matthew Greenwald describes the song as ‘so sensual and evocative that it was probably one of the most replayed records of the era and may be responsible for the most pregnancies from a record during the mid-'70s’.” Oooooooh, so gather your memories, Boomers, and Let's slip off to a sand dune, real soon | And kick up a little dust     

Last month we had Guitar Month, March was Piano Month, so it just seems natural to follow up with Drum Month! I’ll drum up some fun trivia for you …

The Rolling Stones have been a hot new band to rival the Beatles, an iconic, experienced group, a respected concert band, and a vintage Rockin’ anomaly. What’s next? I’d say, a Rock & Roll emeritus band … except they won’t quit! And why should they? They’re still out-playing bands 60 years younger!

And I have three fun May 1974 radio music charts to tease your Rockin’ memories. WGNA/Albany, New York, KHJ/Los Angeles on the “left coast” and then we head South of the Border to XEG/Monterrey Mexico. Which one tops out for our Featured Radio Survey? Stay tuned … I’ll be back with more …

Let’s Celebrate MAY 1974 ~ And Rock On!  

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Previously posted 05/01/24: A full-fledged scion of Spring, May should bring joy and warm your winter heart with visions of flowers in bloom, listening to the drumbeat of Spring. If only I could enjoy it …

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you know I’ve struggled immensely to write, while following a mandatory mandate set by apartment building owners to vacate the premises for a ten-day period, floor-by-floor, while they renovate inside and out.

Vacate doesn’t mean just me and a suitcase for a fun staycation returning to a beautiful “new” home. It meant we had to pack, move and allow them to store everything we own. But this is a senior citizen apartment building. From 60 years to 100 … stating they would give us “everything we need” to make it happen. They lied. And they didn’t make us aware of the personal ramifications.

The building owners have stolen time from my life, disrupted my goals, and deteriorated my health. Admittedly, until last year I had never lived in a high-rise apartment and am new to the ins-and-outs of its owner/property management/tenant constructs and skewed legalities. As happens many times in life, I wish I had it to do over again.

I am now going to appeal to you through the social media communities. By common definition, this is a borderline form of #ElderAbuse. If anyone reading this has ever experienced, or known/heard of this type of mass move-out of senior citizens from their homes for “renovations,” please contact me via X/Twitter: @Irishwriter or @39HoldingClub, either by DM or publicly. eMail is also available at Info @ (without spaces)

So, enough about me! Of course, I wanted to post a fun BFYP article for you today. Unfortunately, it’s going to be piecemeal again, and over a period of time. Please return for the beginning, hopefully tomorrow (Thursday 05/02/24) and periodically, for updates. In the meantime, remember, “Rock & Roll will never dieeeeee …” Coming soon … 

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