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50 Years Ago June 1968 Motown to Prog Rock

>>BFYP BULLETIN 06/26/18: In case you were under a rock recently, rather than listening to Rock, you may have missed more sad news. Pioneering WABC DJ Dan Ingram rose to R&R Radio Heaven, Sunday 06/24/18. Though he isn't one of our BFYP DJs (we have other big names like Cousin Brucie, Ron Riley, Jim Stagg and more), Dan was mentioned and revered by many in their interviews, as a dynamite DJ who made an enormous impact in the early Rock & Roll Radio world. RIP, Mr. Ingram. (Pictured right, at WABC, July 27, 1961.)

   06/11/18: News quickly circulated in the broadcast industry about the rise to Rock & Roll Radio Heaven of “Uncle Ricky” Richard W. Irwin. The* founder, pioneering DJ, PD and audio geek, succumbed on June 7, 2018 after a prolonged illness. As a longtime member of RR, I and BFYP books owe a great debt to Uncle Ricky. ReelRadio allowed me to hear, experience and read about the vibrant voices of pioneering Radio DJs, which made my telling of their stories richer. Thank you m’dear. RIP. *The RR site is archived for now but its longevity is tenuous. Go while you can … it’s a #RetroRockRadio treat.
And now, as we honor Uncle Ricky, let's flip on the mic, and Rock On back to 1968 …

Motown Surrenders to Prog Rock 

Were you suffering a sunburn from your day on the beach 50 Years Ago this Month? Or hiding in cool, dark movie theaters, peeking through your fingers at the horrors of Rosemary’s Baby, or equally horrific Vietnam war film, The Green Berets

Radio to the rescue to lighten the mood and cool our red faces, with nighttime Rock on the radar 50 Years Ago this Month

June 10th: Tom and Raechel Donahue ended May 1968 with KSAN/San Francisco fans and owner, Metromedia, lovin' their format style. So they spread the love to its KMET station in Los Angeles. Tom’s progressive rock format began with a meager four hours per night. But not for long. “The Mighty MET” soon broke through the underground to full time Rockin’!

June 20th: A stellar appearance at the famed Copacabana on this day in 1968, gave Martha Reeves & the Vandellas’ new single “Forget Me Not” a fighting chance on the charts. It debuted on KISN/Portland OR Good Guys Survey for June 25th at #47. Alas, this tribute to long-distance military love failed to impress, and dropped off the following week. They had hit their peak on a great run through the 1960s.
Featured Radio Survey: As a beacon of Rock & Roll in the Pacific Northwest, KISN/Portland, kept its listeners tuned in to the in-crowd, 50 Years Ago This Month. Swim in the cove, have a snack in the grove … Recall that awesome day when …

Celebrate JUNE 1968 and … Rock On! 

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