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50 Years Ago Yummy KSAN May 1968

KSAN Ate Up the Competition

Ya just gotta love our innocence of the 1960s. I mean, how ugly and mean-spirited could we have been then, to push a song title like “Yummy Yummy Yummy” (The Ohio Express) up to the top ten?! It landed at #2, week ending May 23, 1968 at WCFL/Chicago. Enjoy the memories in this month’s Featured Survey. “I got love in my tummy” … for 50 Years Ago this Month

Snoopy captured our attention in 1950 & he's still a growing pup in 1968!
May 14th: With a lack of anything much radio-related to focus on this month, I found our popular cartoon pup racing for his house, following musical notes floating in the air. Did Snoopy hear his favorite song on the radio in the “Peanuts” May 14, 1968 comic strip? Nope … just his teakettle singing for attention.

KSAN in Playboy ad 1973
May 21st:  Finally, it’s official! Back in March we chatted about famed DJs Tom “Big Daddy” and Rachael Donahue and their “Great Hippie Strike” at KMPX/San Francisco. After two months of negotiations with nothing resolved, the Donahues joined forces with new KSAN’s owner, Metromedia, and set up shop with most of their former KMPX crew at the innovative FM station.
     “The Jive 95” (94.9, now KYLD) Rocked the bay for the first time on May 21st, with a freeform format. The Donahues led KSAN into the next decade, at top of the ratings. Rock On!

Must do a repeat of Raechel’s vintage KSAN promo, it’s priceless! She salaciously purred, “This is KSAN in San Francisco. Sometimes we do it fast … sometimes we do it slow … but we al-ways do it!”

Featured Radio Survey: WCFL/Chicago led with top ratings in May 1968, featuring one of BFYP’s fab DJs, Jim Stagg, at the mic. Enjoy this aircheck from 1966. The whole crew of “Yummy” DJs adorned the cover in a mini-poster for fans, 50 Years Ago This Month. Recall that awesome day when …

Celebrate MAY 1968 and … Rock On!
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